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Month: May 2014

Welcome to the new Yoga Medicine site!

After 6 months, we are so excited to share our website with you. In fact, we created this Yoga Medicine Resources page so that our community to interact with each other. Tell us what you think!  What would you like to see on here? What kind of information would be useful to you?

With a fresh and fun new look, we hope you’ll come back and visit the Yoga Medicine site often. From more in-depth pages on our trainings, to all our favorite brands as well as our very own Yoga Medicine t-shirts (women’s and men’s), and best of all these Resources pages, Yoga Medicine has a real home on the web.  Stay tuned for posts from Tiffany, be sure to submit your story, and please sign up to Disqus, our commenting system. With Disqus, you can create a profile, add a pic of yourself, and link to your facebook profile so that other teachers and students can reach out to you!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Learn to Master Yoga Medicine with our New Program

Our 1000hr Master training program is a continuation of our 500hr program. It is a yoga teacher training program dedicated to raising the bar by offering the highest standard of education.

We believe that yoga is a powerful form of medicine.  An experienced yoga teacher is a key component in our healthcare network, so we believe they deserve thorough, comprehensive training. With our credentials, people know that when they have a teacher who is a Registered Yoga Medicine Master Teacher (RYMMT.) They can trust that they are in good hands with a teacher who has deep knowledge and a wealth of experience to draw from.

Our 1000hr Master training is like medical school for yoga teachers. It is the most thorough and rigorous program offered in the yoga realm. The duration and depth of this program allow these teachers to have a more finely trained eye to work more closely with their students to create powerful individualized yoga prescriptions.

To find out more check out our 1000hr teacher training page

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