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Month: January 2016

Yogawear: Warrior Collection with KiraGrace

Check out Tiffany’s new KiraGrace line “Warrior Collection” of yogawear. Tiffany and KiraGrace have partnered up to launch a special collection called The KiraGrace Warrior Collection. Designed by Tiffany herself, KiraGrace will be donating a portion of sales from ‘The Tiffany Legging’ to The Nabadisha Project for our India Seva Project.

Click here to shop 🙂 Thanks for your support xoxo

Images of the yogawear pieces designed by Tiffany Cruikshank for KiraGrace

Chaturanga: 3 Steps to Mastering this Tough Move

Published on Dr. Oz – The Good Life.

“Swear you’ll never be able to do chaturanga — those triceps push-ups that keep cropping up in yoga class, like in the middle of sun salutation? The secret is not forcing yourself into the full pose first thing. Take the weight off it first, and gradually add it back so that the smaller muscles learn to fire and help out. Become chaturanga-comfortable with these moves from Tiffany Cruikshank, founder of Yoga Medicine, a yoga-teacher training company and author of Meditate Your Weight — even if you can’t come anywhere near close now.”

Read the full article and watch Tiffany’s demonstration here.


Winter Sports Recovery: 5 Essential Yoga Poses

Check out Alice Blunden’s new article about winter sports recovery. These poses are great for skiers, snowboarders, skaters, and anyone else feeling a little tight this winter.

“In an ideal world, we would be able to click our fingers and be transported to the snowy mountains whenever we wished so that we could maintain the strength and fitness that skiing and other winter sports require. But until that is possible, here are five yoga poses that can be practiced before and after your session on the mountain to help improve your flexibility, strengthen, and ability to focus.

1. Reclining Big Toe Pose

Our hamstrings are an area that tends to tighten up and over time, this can limit your freedom of movement, potentially resulting in lower back pain and knee injuries.

This pose is a simple way to stretch this muscle. Lie on your back with both legs straight and feet flexed so your toes are pointing upwards. Raise one leg and hold onto the back of your thigh or your big toe. You want it to be relaxing so if you find that your leg starts shaking, just ease off slightly so that you can find a softness in the pose, maybe even bend your raised knee slightly if your hamstrings are particularly tight. Stay in this position for one to three minutes per leg.”

Alice Louise Blunden shows off a pose from yoga for winter athletes.

Read the full article here!

About Alice Louise Blunden. Alice Louise Blunden is a Yoga Medicine senior teacher and assistant to Tiffany Cruikshank. She is currently completing her 500 hours and working towards her 1000-hour advanced Yoga Medicine teacher training. As well as teaching yoga in studios across London, she is the founder of The Yoga Project UK, a business that connects yoga teachers with schools across the UK.

India Seva: Charities Empowering Girls and Women

India Seva Project participant Katja shares her personal experience in Kolkata and how charities empowering girls and women are enacting lasting social change. Katja’s moving essay highlights the importance of economic & educational empowerment. She details the various ways the funds we raised are supporting the women and children rescued from sex trafficking and other human rights abuse.

Katja’s article is a reminder that we have the opportunity to leave a profound impact on these communities. For more information about our #indiasevaproject, please visit the India Seva page.

Communities Empowering Communities

“What struck me about vitising the shelters in Kolkata, was that I felt empowered too. From feeling like “this is all too much” and “what can I do?” – I ended up feeling more powerful than I ever have.”


To read the full article, click here.

Hip Stability: 4 Ways to Build Strength + Prevent Injury

Jenni Tarma for Yoga Journal. Jenni is currently pursuing her 500HR certification with Yoga Medicine.

Tight or open, your hips need to be strong for injury-free movement. Learn how to build more stability in common yoga poses.

Stability in the hips is crucial for athletes—and everyone else: The hips’ primary function is to bear weight, and we need them to stabilize the upper body, support the lower limbs, and absorb shock from movements such as running and jumping.

The gluteus medius is the hip’s primary stabilizer. It originates from the outer, top rim of the iliac crest and inserts at the top of the thigh bone, covering the outer hip, and maintains stability in the joint with the help of the gluteus minimus. A lax, unsupported hip joint slides around unnecessarily, irritating the soft tissues and increasing the likelihood of alignment problems and overuse injuries elsewhere in the body. Simply put, the role of the gluteus medius is to minimize excessive movement by keeping the thighbone firmly integrated into the hip socket.

4 Ways to Build Hip Strength + Stability

Standing and balancing poses can build both strength and stability in this muscle—when practiced with the appropriate engagement. Let’s take a closer look at how to turn on the gluteus medius in a few common poses.


Since we want to build strength in the widest possible range of motion, it’s smart to precede these poses with a few stretches to lengthen the relevant muscles. Try Gomukhasana or Pigeon Pose.

Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

Back to basics! Symmetry in the hips is key for maintaining a good range of motion, and this easy variation on Mountain Pose makes it easy to identify a weakness on either side. Stand with one foot on a block and the other floating.

DON’T Let the hip of the standing leg sag out to the side.

DO Strongly engage the outer hip of the standing leg to bring the pelvis level. It’s useful to place the hands on the hips for reference; I also like to visualize the front points of my pelvis lining up horizontally.

Repeat a couple of times on each leg, noting whether one side is having to work harder than the other.

Read the rest of the article. 


About Jenni Tarma

Jenni Tarma is a Los Angeles–based yoga teacher, runner and Crossfitter. She really, really likes to move, loves teaching yoga to Crossfit athletes, as well as leading traditional vinyasa-based classes. She’s currently studying with Sage Rountree to complete her Yoga For Athletes certification and Yoga Medicine for her 500HR certification. Find her on: Instagram: @jennitarma and

Self Help Books to Read this Year: Meditate Your Weight

Well+Good features Tiffany’s new book as one of their top self-help books to read this year.


Meditate Your Weight: A 21-Day Retreat to Optimize Your Metabolism and Feel Great

By: Tiffany Cruikshank
Release Date: April 4

“We generally skip weight-loss books, but this one is super interesting for its unique approach to the topic. Using meditation (rather than unhealthy diet tricks!) to reach an ideal weight. Which smart yogi-author Tiffany Cruikshank says will help those who want to shed pounds do so in a healthy way, while decreasing stress and improving body image.”

Read the entire list at Well+Good

Meditate Your Weight: Book Review

Review of Meditate your Weight: A 21-Day Retreat to Optimize Your Metabolism and Feel Great by The Self Improvement Blog.

“What if you could meditate and lose weight? Would you do it? What if you could not only tear down the mental roadblocks that keep you from losing those extra pounds but also change your metabolism? Tiffany Cruikshank says you can do this in her new book, Meditate Your Weight: A 21-Day Retreat to Optimize Your Metabolism and Feel Great.

In her program, readers are guided through a daily mantra, meditation practice, and journaling prompts. These all address the physical, emotional and mental roadblocks standing in the way of achieving optimal health. As a result, these few minutes a day of mindfulness can help you achieve the weight you want. This innovative weight loss challenge is just in time for bikini season but more importantly instills healthier eating habits and a more positive self-body image.

What do you have to lose except that extra weight? Join us.”

Listen to The Self Improvement Radio Show here.

For more information or to order your copy of Meditate Your Weight, click here.

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