Athletes and Weekend Warriors: Here’s How to Use Yoga to Prevent Injuries

Bravo, weekend warriors. You work long days Monday through Friday but keep the commitment to move your body on a regular basis despite your busy schedule.

While I applaud you, I also offer a word of caution: be mindful of injuries. Jumping into a high intensity physical activity over the weekend after a rather sedentary existence during the week can put your body at risk for injury.

Hamstring strains, Achilles tendonitis, and low back pain are common injuries afflicting athletes and weekend warriors. The good news is that yoga is an effective way to prepare the body for movement and also help the body repair itself afterward.

Whether you’re an all-the-time athlete, a weekend warrior, or a blend of the two, this article explains what you should keep in mind both before and after your workouts. You will also learn how to use yoga to prevent injury with several yoga poses.

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