06: The Power of Mindfulness with Dr. Rashmi Bismark MD MPH

Today Rachel talks about the power of mindfulness with Dr. Rashmi Bismark MD MPH, a U.S.-trained physician who is board certified in both preventative medicine and public health. Dr. Rashmi is uniquely qualified to speak on the impact of mindfulness practices as, in parallel with her conventional medical studies, she also studied alternative and complementary therapies including Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.

Dr. Rashmi specializes in preventative medicine and blends eastern and western traditions in her medical practice. Her mission is to help individuals and communities rediscover their true nature, redefine their relationships with the world around them, and harness the power within themselves to be healthy, well and resilient.

Listen in to this episode as Rachel and Dr. Rashmi discuss her unique pathway to medicine, how she began teaching mindfulness and yoga, what inspired her award-winning illustrated children’s book, Finding Om, and her thoughts on the difference between cultural appreciation and appropriation. Through it all, you’ll hear recurring themes around the importance of curiosity and trust.

“Ayurveda was this other connection to my culture and some of the indigenous wisdom.” – Dr. Rashmi Bismark

“We all have ways that we bring mindfulness into our lives and spiritual traditions that our families have that are opportunities to connect with our presence and awareness.” – Dr. Rashmi Bismark

Show Notes:

  • An early personal experience with Ayurveda sparks Dr. Rashmi’s curiosity [3:53]
  • Dr. Rashmi’s medical training, blending eastern and western approaches [6:15]
  • Dr. Rashmi’s initial exposure to yoga through her father and grandmother [17:39]
  • Where yoga teacher training fitted into the picture [21:01]
  • Passing yogic traditions on to Dr. Rashmi’s daughters [24:16]
  • The inspiration for the book Finding Om [26:05]
  • Cultural appreciation versus cultural appropriation [30:50]
  • Why representation in children’s literature matters [38:53]
  • What mindfulness practices can teach us in uncomfortable or unresolved situations [43:21]
  • The challenge of translating traditional concepts to clinical settings [44:52]
  • Tips to start a mindfulness practice [50:21]

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“My teaching style has grown and is continuing to become more authentic to me.” – Dr. Rashmi Bismark