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About Yoga Medicine®

Yoga Medicine® is a thorough, anatomically based educational training system that trains teachers across the globe to individualize yoga programs and work more therapeutically with their students.

Yoga Medicine® is a community of teachers who are trained to understand the function and dysfunction of the human body in order to work more effectively within yoga and healthcare settings. Our community is trained in both Eastern and Western modalities to work efficiently with doctors and healthcare providers to better understand the student and apply the practice to the individual.

We believe the best healthcare requires teamwork and multifaceted approaches to wellness from different vantage points. We believe yoga is a powerful tool for so many issues and an essential adjunct to a health and wellness team, however it isn’t a cure-all and our job isn’t to diagnose or be an one-stop shop. Yoga teachers are not medical providers, though some of our teachers also have medical licenses. We believe wholeheartedly in the power of this practice to foster awareness, empowerment and resilience. We believe the best care requires a great team working together to create impactful outcomes.

Our job first and foremost, is to be of service to and support the medical systems and the hard working medical providers by supporting them and their patients along their journey to health.

Yoga Medicine® is not a style of yoga but rather a training system that educates the teacher to understand the body on a deeper level and create individualized yoga programs for the student based on their understanding of anatomy, kinesiology, pathology and the traditional practice of yoga. Our teachers are committed to continued education, setting the bar for exceptional knowledge and teaching in the international yoga community with over 1500 hours of education.

We raise the bar on teacher credentials and fuse research with experience to meet the modern day practitioner’s unique needs. Our goal is to serve our communities with brain and heart.

Educate and empower teachers to use yoga therapeutically based on a deeper understanding of anatomy, physiology and the integration of modern science and research with traditional practices and experiences.

Create an international community of experienced yoga teachers who support the individuals and healthcare systems.

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We provide innovative, purpose-driven content based on science, research and tradition
along with decades of experience that has a meaningful impact on your life and community.

Tiffany Cruikshank’s strength lies in her ability to fuse the two worlds of Eastern and Western medicine together and apply it to the practice of yoga in an accessible and relevant way. Tiffany has been teaching yoga since 1996 and leading teacher trainings since 2003, has a pre-med Bachelors degree in Medicinal Plant Biology and a Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with a specialty in Sports Medicine and Orthopedics.

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"A therapeutic practice isn’t just for the elderly or the injured, it’s about optimizing the experience for anyone."


Our History and Development

Yoga Medicine® was officially founded by Tiffany Cruikshank in April 2014 as a way to connect patients and doctors with experienced yoga teachers. As a healthcare provider, Tiffany knew firsthand the desire among healthcare providers to utilize yoga, but the difficulty in finding a teacher with an understanding of the body from a Western medicine perspective who could create an individualized, therapeutic yoga practice.

Prior to Yoga Medicine®, Tiffany trained hundreds of teachers under the name TiffanyYoga in a similar therapeutic modality.  Tiffany’s vision with Yoga Medicine® was to create a resource for doctors and patients, as well as a platform on which teachers and doctors could present information from many different views to promote community education in this fast-growing field of health and wellness.

Yoga Medicine®’s goal is to deliver modern, relevant information that leaves room for individual differences from one person to another.  It recognizes that each injury or illness is unique to the person and needs to be treated as such. Yoga Medicine® trains teachers to a higher level of education so they can work with their students on an individual, case by case basis. Although the Yoga Medicine® training system is rigorous and demanding, it leaves teachers with the highest training credentials and the ability to work in many different settings and with many different individuals.

Yoga Medicine®’s contributors are first and foremost scientists in the sense that they embrace many different ways to approach each topic and welcome differing opinions and the need for deeper research. All Yoga Medicine® teacher trainers and contributors have exceptional training and experience in their specific specialties.

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