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About Alis Atagan - Seva Coordinator

Alis is a yoga teacher based in Edinburgh, Scotland, with her partner Tom and pup named Argo. When she is not coaching clients or teaching yoga and mindfulness, Alis enjoys spending time in nature with her dog, reading, and discovering new cultures through travel or study.

Alis has always been an advocate for others through volunteering or working in the charity sector for the last decade. While studying her post-grad in International Development in Australia, she discovered the world of Human Trafficking. Alis was shocked to discover that slavery was still such a massive industry in the 21st century and the third biggest source of illegal income after drugs and gun crime.

Alis is delighted to share her fundraising skills, knowledge, and passion with the  Yoga Medicine Seva Foundation and its partner organizations, Her Future Coalition and the Rescue Foundation. Her ambition is to raise awareness surrounding human trafficking and grow fundraised income to enable the Seva Foundation to empower global, impoverished communities through efforts of education and entrepreneurship as a means to combat human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Alis is currently working towards her 500hr certification with Yoga Medicine and holds certifications with Forrest Yoga RYT level 2 and Vinyasa Yoga RYT. She is also a licensed massage therapist trained in Swedish, Thai, and Myofascial Release. She is a qualified coach, Mindfulness and Yoga Nidra teacher. Her teachings are greatly influenced by her on-going yogic study, travel, and love for understanding the mind and body connection. Alis loves working with people with injuries and those moving through a transition. Her yoga classes are mindful, somatic, and open to everyone.

Alis welcomes your insight, inquiries, and feedback. Please connect with her at

Yoga Medicine Certifications

500 hour

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Anatomy, Dysfunction & Application


Anatomy, Dysfunction & Application

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