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Teachers and Contributors

Below you will find a listing of our teachers and contributors.  Click “Learn More” on each profile to read about each teacher’s background and their upcoming trainings with Yoga Medicine®.

Alice Blunden
Allie Geer
amanda b. cunningham
dr. amy sedgwick
dr. ann bortz
brie galicinao
cristina kuhn
dana diament
dr. david vago
Dr. Daya Grant
diane malaspina, Ph.D.
Eding Mvilongo
Erica Yeary
Jenni Tarma
lara ederer
lisa hamre
Lisa Muehlenbein
marnie hartman
megan kearney
rachel land
dr. rashmi bismark
Shannon Stephens
valerie knopik ph.d.


tiffany cruikshank, maom
Yoga Medicine® Founder
katie tietz
Operations Manager
valerie knopik ph.d.
Director of Research
amanda b. cunningham
Seva Foundation Liaison
dana diament
Graphic Design
Furry Friend

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