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Allie Geer is a prenatal certified yoga teacher based out of Boulder, Colorado, who is currently participating in Yoga Medicine's 500/1,000 hour advanced teacher certification. She specializes in myofascial release and holds workshops around the Boulder area. For more information please visit her website:

Postnatal Yoga Sequence for the ‘Fourth Trimester’

Allie Geer for Yoga Journal shares a postnatal yoga routine for new mothers. This routine is calming and restorative. Calming Postnatal Yoga for the "Fourth Trimester" I had my two babies in two different countries, Switzerland and the United States, respectively. People often ask me, "What was the biggest difference having your first baby while living [...]

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Myofascial Release Techniques for Your Daily Routine

Allie Geer for Yoga Medicine® shares three simple myofascial release techniques that you can incorporate into your day. A perfect release for morning, midday and evening. 3 Myofascial Release Techniques for Your Daily Routine Daily routines, yes we all have them. Whether or not it’s a morning yoga practice or something as simple as brushing your [...]

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Prenatal Yoga: Relieve Pain, and Enhance Mobility

Allie Geer for Yoga Journal. Prenatal yoga teacher Allie Geer demonstrates a self-myofascial release practice to relieve tension and pain during pregnancy and enhance mobility. Prenatal Yoga Practice During my pregnancy, every morning brought on a new challenge for my body. I woke up feeling tight in areas that I never knew were restricted. I felt [...]

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3 Common Myofascial Release Mistakes

Senior Yoga Medicine teacher and therapeutic specialist, Allie Geer, explains three common mistakes people make when performing self myofascial release—and what you can do to avoid them. Self myofascial release targets fascia by using specialized tools, including balls in different shapes and sizes, foam rollers, rods, sticks, and even yoga blocks. These practices are showing up more [...]

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An Invitation to a Calm Party Within

Allie Geer, Yoga Medicine® Registered Therapeutic Specialist, helps you take charge of your health and wellness with this quick five minute meditation and breath sequence. Meditation and breathing techniques to keep you grounded. We all know that the holidays are busy and our time tends to get stretched thin. This can leave us feeling frazzled, lacking [...]

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Yoga & Chinese Medicine: Unwinding the Back Line

  Allie Geer, Yoga Medicine Instructor shares a yoga practice that is perfect for winter. Learn about the Chinese Medicine concept of the Back Line, and how to use it to find balance, and treat tightness and pain. A Nourishing Practice for the Winter “My hamstrings are tight.” “My low back hurts.” “My feet are sore.” [...]

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