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About Megan Kearney

Megan Kearney (200 ERYT + YACEP)  is a mom to three, SUP yoga teacher and studio owner outside of Atlanta. She is a lover of good music, books, food and cartwheels. With a combined degree in Kinesiology and certification in Thai massage, she works with clients of all backgrounds to address injury, re-establish ease and function in the body, and build daily meditation practices. Her favorite mantra is “Everything is unfolding as it should.” You can find her on Instagram @megankearney or @goebbflow and also at

Make Like a Tree: 7 Steps to Balance Your Body this Fall

Megan Kearney for Yoga Digest shares the perfect routine of yoga for fall. Find balance in the transition from summer to winter with these insights from Traditional Chinese Medicine. As the sun starts to set faster and fold into cooler nights, we begin to see the trees, once working hard to acquire energy from the [...]

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How to Start a Daily Mindfulness Practice

 Megan Kearney for Yoga Digest shares why mindfulness is so key, a story about living in the moment, and how to cultivate a mindfulness practice of your own. Stress, Struggle & Strawberries: Inquire Within To Be Mindful With All Eat the strawberry. That’s the thought that sticks out in my mind about that moment. And [...]

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