About Valerie Knopik

Valerie Knopik is a Senior Research Scientist, Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, and E-RYT in Providence, Rhode Island. Formally trained in classical ballet, as well as a former runner, Valerie has always been a believer in staying active but yoga is the perfect marriage of her work in mental health & her love of movement & anatomy.

The Mood Boosting Effects of Yoga

Valerie Knopik for Mantra Wellness Magazine shares how yoga can boost mood through mindfulness and physical activation. Learn more about the evidence, and how to start practicing yoga for a better mood. Is Yoga the Magical Mood Elixir? After teaching last week, a new student came up to me two days after class and said, “That [...]

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Yoga Breathing: The Importance of the Basics

 Valerie Knopik for Yoga Digest discusses how seductive new practice can be, and the true value of focusing on the yoga basics and proper yoga breathing, no matter where you are in your journey. Back to Basics: Breathing is the New Black Lately I’ve been fascinated by the human brain’s proclivity for being seduced. Yoga students [...]

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The Depths of Winter

Valerie Knopik, Yoga Medicine® Instructor, discusses the "Depth Year" and how you can use these concepts to re-invest in your yoga practice. “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was, in me, an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus With the holidays behind us and winter weather in full swing, many of [...]

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Let’s Talk Yoga Medicine with Valerie Knopik

More and more, the worlds of science and natural remedies and practices continue to work in tandem with one another. Athleisure Magazine took some time to chat with Valerie Knopik who works with Tiffany Cruikshank, the founder of Yoga Medicine that blends these principles together. Let's Talk Yoga Medicine Tell us about your background and how you came to [...]

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Happy Father’s Day from Yoga Medicine!

Fathers come in all forms. Biological, step, traditional, non-traditional, uncles, brothers, friends, single mothers who take on the role of both mother and father, you name it.  Let's honor these father figures in our lives today (and how about everyday!) by foregoing the traditional Father's Day gifts. Instead, give them the gift of our [...]

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Can Yoga Slow Brain Aging and Increase Neuroplasticity?

Valerie Knopik for Yoga Digest discusses yoga's ability to slow brain aging, summarizes the science behind it, shares some other possible psychological benefits. Yoga and Meditation – The Fountain of Youth? When I first started to practice yoga over 20 years ago, it was for the physical practice. As my practice matured, I stepped onto [...]

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Perspectives on Nutritional Mental Health

Yoga Medicine assistant teacher Valerie Knopik shares her perspectives on nutritional mental health in a multi-part series on how the Yoga Medicine® approach might just change your practice, your teaching, and your life. Perspectives on Nutritional Mental Health In a recent article on “The Emerging Field of Nutritional Mental Health” Kaplan and colleagues state, [...]

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Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis with 5 In-Flight Stretches

By Chelsea Peng for Marie Claire. Spotify's ads have been a mixed bag lately—hate the "Milkshake" phone plan one, love to listen to the Calvin Klein girl who somehow manages to speak with only enough air to flutter her vocal chords—but one of them brings up a good point: You are dying! We all are, because modern live demands [...]

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