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Balancing Sequence for Fall

By Shannon Stephens, Yoga Medicine Teacher. At the heart of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the belief that we are a reflection of the world around us. Each season is marked by characteristics that can be seen in ourselves and in the natural environment. Grief is the emotion tied to the fall, and it makes perfect [...]

Yoga for the Thoracic Spine

By Alice Louise Blunden, Yoga Medicine Teacher. The Thoracic spine consists of 12 vertebrae (T1-12) from the top of the spine to the bottom rib. The boney structure of the Thoracic vertebrae and the attachments to the ribs means that this is the regionof the spine with the least range of motion in flexion and extension. [...]

5 Reasons You Should Practice Yin Yoga During the Fall

By Shannon Stephens, Yoga Medicine Teacher. It’s officially fall and with this new season comes an opportunity to welcome its offerings. In teaching Yin classes season after season, I’ve observed that attendance fluctuates depending on the time of year. Numbers decline during the spring and summer, more yang seasons, and then steadily climb as we [...]

A Conversation on Compassion With Tiffany Cruikshank

Yoga Teacher, Author, Acupuncturist, on Bridging Yoga and Healthcare, & the Power of Practice By University of Arizona Center for Compassion Studies. Tiffany Cruikshank is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher, author, acupuncturist, and founder of Yoga Medicine, an advanced training program in yoga therapy and anatomy for yoga teachers. She's also a former student of the University of [...]

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Rachel Land: 500HR RYT Yoga Medicine Teacher Trainer

By The Native Society. Bio: Rachel Land is a Yoga Medicine instructor who teaches vinyasa and one-on-one yoga sessions in Queenstown New Zealand, and works internationally as a Yoga Medicine teacher trainer. Passionate about seeing real-world benefits from her studies in anatomy and alignment, she uses yoga to help her students create strength, stability and clarity [...]

5 Steps to Help With Your Weight Loss New Year’s Resolutions

By J.R. Duren for HighYa. Achieving your New Year’s weight loss resolutions takes more than willpower and a good playlist. Our experts offer solid advice on how to increase your chances of losing weight and getting in shape. Wouldn’t it feel good to be part of the very small percentage of people – less than 8% [...]

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14 Mantras To Help You Conquer Life, One Day At A Time

By Maressa Brown for The Vitamin Shoppe. Stress is no joke — and its detrimental effects are on rise. According to the American Psychological Association (APA)’s annual Stress in America survey, 2017 has seen a significant increase in the percentage of Americans who have experienced at least one symptom of stress in the past month, from [...]

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11 Stretches And Poses To Relieve Sciatica

These easy poses will have you feeling better in no time! By Jennifer Nied for Simplemost Online. Millions of Americans suffer from sciatica, pain that radiates down one or both legs, starting at the lower back. And in fact, four in 10 people are likely to develop sciatica at some point in their life, with causes ranging from [...]

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Three Key Yoga Moves That Can Help Ease Back Pain

By Fiona Tapp for Prevention Online. The sciatic nerve is the longest single nerve in the human body, and it runs all the way from the lower back down the back of each leg, says Loren Fishman, MD, the medical director at Manhattan Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and assistant clinical professor at Columbia Medical School. While anyone can [...]

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The Definitive Guide to Yoga

 By Tiffany Cruikshank & the Yoga Medicine Team for Healthline. Get your yoga start with Tiffany Cruikshank, founder of Yoga Medicine Known as a teacher’s teacher, international yogi, author, and health and wellness expert Tiffany Cruikshank founded Yoga Medicine as a platform to connect people and doctors with experienced yoga teachers. Yoga Medicine’s ever-expanding community of teachers [...]