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Oct 04

The Best Online Meditation Videos Under 10 Minutes

By Bella Gerard for

You exercise to keep yourself in shape physically, but what about staying balanced mentally? Meditation is an amazing way to get centered, and incorporating it into your daily routine can decrease stress and soothe anxiety.

Not quite sure where to begin? We’ve rounded up the top guided meditation videos for any and all occasions. There’s one for increased focus, another for overcoming self-doubt, and even a guide to meditation for a better night’s sleep! Even better: These meditations are all 10 minutes or less, meaning even the busiest bee can manage to fit in a little “me” time.

Read the rest of this article, including Tiffany Cruikshank’s 5-minute meditation video – click here!

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"Just shifting your ability to approach your yoga practice as a form of medicine can be really powerful." Tiffany Cruikshank


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