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Spine: Anatomy, Dysfunction, and Application

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We are ecstatic to offer our newly updated Spine: Anatomy, Dysfunction, and Application Yoga Teacher Training this year with new info, research and techniques! This online training will be co-taught by our founder Tiffany Cruikshank L.AC. MAOM and Yoga Medicine Instructor and Therapeutic Specialist — Jenni Tarma. As an RRCA Endurance Coach, CrossFit L1 trainer and lifelong athlete, Jenni specializes in mobility, movement and injury prevention. She works rigorously with athletes of all levels one-on-one to improve performance, mechanics, and recovery.

This intensive yoga teacher training is part of our core orthopedic curriculum, making it an ideal experience for teachers who want to expand their knowledge and incorporate therapeutic, anatomically based sequencing into their teaching. Back pain is by far the most common reason patients and students seek help, making this a perfect course for those who work with students in pain or for those who work with athletes/clients looking to enhance performance or minimize injury.

In the Spine: Anatomy, Dysfunction, and Application Yoga Teacher Training, you will be guided through a deeper look into the anatomy and biomechanics of the spine as a basis to give you the tools to evaluate spine function and application in a yoga setting. We will assess the spine’s mobility, common injuries, and common types of dysfunction alongside an exploration of the application and how to support these issues within a yoga context both preventatively and for injury recovery.

We pride ourselves in bringing the content alive through relevant practices, lectures, mini sessions and reviews along the way to reinforce the information. After completing this training, you will leave with a robust understanding of the spine’s anatomy and how you can apply this knowledge to provide your yoga students with a more impactful, well-rounded approach to spine integrity within a therapeutic yoga setting.

In-line with the current educational industry standards under COVID-19, this training is being offered in an online format.

Who is This Training For?

For teachers dedicated to a higher standard of learning looking to deepen their knowledge.

The Spine Module is a 55-hour advanced online training for yoga teachers as well as physicians, healthcare providers, coaches & fitness instructors with yoga experience who are interested in learning more about this invaluable curriculum. To fully benefit from this training, we recommend that anyone considering enrollment is actively working with students and clients within a yoga or therapeutic setting.

Yoga Medicine® believes that an experienced yoga teacher can be a valuable asset within our healthcare systems. Our credentials train teachers to understand the body on a deeper level in order to create a personalized therapeutic plan that supports the individual.

Program Structure

This training has six sections – each section is composed of pre-recorded lectures, asana practices, review and homework to integrate the information. We also have a scheduled Q&A call for each section to keep you on track. If you’re unable to join the Q&A calls, you can post your questions online and watch the recording within the online portal whenever you like.

Live Q&A Schedule (subject to change):

  • – Section 1: Wednesday, February 10th at 4pm PST
  • – Section 2: Wednesday, February 24th at 4pm PST
  • – Section 3: Wednesday, March 10th at 4pm PST
  • – Section 4: Wednesday, March 24th at 4pm PST
  • – Section 5: Wednesday, April 7th at 4pm PST
  • – Section 6: Wednesday, April 21st at 4pm PST

With the new academic system we’ve implemented this year, the official dates for Winter Quarter are January 25th – April 21st, 2021 – and we would love for you to complete this live training with us during this timeframe if it works with your schedule. It is our hope that having a Winter Quarter in place will give our yoga teacher training program a more academic feel and provide a more realistic timeline to complete your trainings with continuous support from Yoga Medicine along the way.

However, you are still welcome to join this training at any time – we created this online training to be flexible with your schedule so you can complete it at your own pace. The main difference is that each section will be released every two weeks, and there are now two weeks in between each live Q&A call – so you can weave the work of the training into your life and not work your life around the training. There is no deadline by which you need to complete the training as all sessions will be recorded, and you’ll have unlimited access to the training materials even after completion. Most of all we are committed to bringing you the highest quality of education by our incredible teachers to your door.

This intensive yoga teacher training will count as 55 ‘in-person/contact’ hours towards your 500-hour/1000-hour Yoga Medicine certification. Directly following the yoga teacher training you will be invited to take an online exam to receive your certificate of completion and training hours. These hours will still be recognized by Yoga Alliance as well, click here to read more about their 2021 Online Teaching Exemption.

Program Curriculum

This intensive yoga teacher training begins with a deeper look at the anatomy and biomechanics of the spine as a basis for learning to support the individual. We will examine common injuries and common dysfunction (including SI joint, scoliosis and pelvic asymmetries) alongside an exploration of how to support these issues. We will also examine range of motion and how to evaluate this on your students while taking into consideration the importance of individual variances. You will learn how to work with and troubleshoot a variety of techniques in your own practice as well as with your students.

With this information in mind, we will explore approaches to work with and support the individual in front of you. Review sessions along the way will help you integrate the information, so you leave with a deeper understanding that you can immediately apply to your teaching and personal practice by more thoroughly understanding the function of the spine.

Here are the main topics that we will cover during the Spine: Anatomy, Dysfunction, and Application Yoga Teacher Training:

  • Spine Overview
  • Anatomy & Dysfunction
  • Common Injuries & Injury Prevention
  • Assessing Function
  • Working with the Cervical Spine
  • Working with the Thoracic Spine
  • Working with the Lumbar Spine
  • Working with the SI Joint
  • Working with the Scoliosis
  • Working with the Pelvic Asymmetries
  • Working with Pain
  • Individualized Yoga Application
  • Looking at the Whole
  • Durability & Prevention Training


$1,390 USD


Includes online training and a digital manual.

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Pricing & Policies

  • Payment & Cancellation/Refund Policy

    A full payment of $1,390 USD will secure your spot in this online training. Please return to the Pricing section to register today!

    The tuition payment is non-refundable and non-transferable after you have made your final payment and received access to this training’s online portal/materials. We cannot make any exceptions regardless of the circumstance. We appreciate your understanding.

  • Pricing Includes

    • – Enrollment in the online training
    • – A digital training manual

Apply This Training Towards a 500-Hour Certification

If you are enrolled in Yoga Medicine®’s 500-hour or 1000-hour certification program, then this training counts towards your training hours with Yoga Medicine® as well as continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance. You do not need to be enrolled in our 500-hour/1000-hour program to participate. If you are interested to continue training with Yoga Medicine® to receive an advanced training certification with us, then you have the option to apply to our 500-hour program and this yoga teacher training’s hours will automatically apply towards your 500-hour certification process. If you would like to learn more about our 500-hour certification program click here. The link below will take you to the application for joining our program.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to be enrolled in the Yoga Medicine 500-Hour program to attend this Yoga Teacher Training?

    No. This yoga teacher training is designed for yoga teachers, physicians, healthcare providers and those who are interested in learning more about this invaluable curriculum. If you have a consistent yoga practice and a desire to learn more, then we would love to have you join!

    If you are new to Yoga Medicine and would like to join the 500-hour program, then please complete the online application. Upon successful completion of this online training, the 55 hours would automatically be applied towards your 500-hour. Details on the 500-hour program can be found here.

  • How do I access the online training?

    After registering for this training, you will receive a confirmation email with more details on how to access your online training.

I have additional questions:

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