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The mission of Yoga Medicine® is to bridge the gap between yoga teachers and healthcare providers because we believe that yoga can be a powerful adjunct to one’s wellbeing and preventative care. This page is a resource for medical providers to find online courses connected to your industry, online classes for self-care, articles on relatable topics, and how to find a Yoga Medicine® teacher to collaborate with you or your patients.

Online Classes

Self-Care for Caregivers

Tiffany Cruikshank
Online Class - Vinyasa Flow Level 2

Unravel the Hips and Back

Tiffany Cruikshank
Online Class - Yoga Conditioning

Yoga Nidra for Sleep

Tiffany Cruikshank
Online Class - Audio Meditation


Changing Your Internal Landscape

A (Not So) Little (and Super Cool) Thing Called Neuroplasticity Valerie Knopik, Yoga Medicine® Instructor, discusses how mindfulness-based techniques, such as yoga and meditation, can

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By Amy Satterfield for Yoga Medicine®. In my career as a yoga teacher, I’ve had the great honor and opportunity to work with police officers, active and retired military, and firefighters. My experience actually started at a self-defense gym where I practice as well as taught yoga and group fitness classes. The training was high level self-defense and combat practices, and injuries were common, which is where my journey began. Almost daily, one of these men and women would come to me, the yoga teacher, to ask what exercises or stretches they could do to help their injury. At that time, I often didn’t know. It was this knowledge gap that prompted me to seek answers on the therapeutic benefits of yoga, and this is what ultimately led me to Yoga Medicine®. It seemed like the more I studied, the more I was presented with people to help but I still didn’t have the answers. Each

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