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The mission of Yoga Medicine® is to bridge the gap between yoga teachers and healthcare providers because we believe that yoga can be a powerful adjunct to one’s wellbeing and preventative care. This page is a resource for medical providers to find online courses connected to your industry, online classes for self-care, articles on relatable topics, and how to find a Yoga Medicine® teacher to collaborate with you or your patients.

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Healthy Spine Proprioception

Foundations: Healthy Spine Proprioception

Tiffany Cruikshank
New research suggests that lower back issues aren’t just about regulating the mechanical issues, but another important factor is our proprioceptive (awareness of where your body is in space) awareness of our spine to help support healthy communication in this area.

Opening to Self-Care (Restorative)

Opening to Self-Care (Restorative)

Tiffany Cruikshank
Enjoy this 20-minute restorative practice that focuses on self-care through relaxing chest opening poses. Watch as you slow your nervous system into rest and digest, as you are encouraged to take movement intentionally and slowly.

Lymphatic Recharge

Lymphatic Recharge

Tiffany Cruikshank
The lymphatics are a critical component of a healthy immune system. This strategically sequenced, purposeful practice uses a variety of science & traditional practices and is used as an immune booster, as well as a great class to assist detoxification and fluid metabolism.



By Leah Zerbe for Dr. Axe. Emergency room doctors are trained to stay cool and focused in the face of complete chaos. These professionals live in a world where the difference between life or death sometimes hinges on a split-second decision. So it’s super clear a special kind of calm is required. For emergency medicine doctors like Amy Sedgwick MD, FACEP, the key to commanding a room — and her team — in the most stress-filled situations always centered on clearly delegating and assigning roles — and focusing on her own breath so that she can save others. “As the leader, empowering my team members to do their best work is incredibly calming,” Sedgwick says. “That aside, there is still the reality of being the person who is ultimately making the call, telling the bad news or having difficult conversations with colleagues,” she adds. “In these moments, I rely on

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