9 Women on How Meditation Changed Their Lives

By Kristen Fischer for SheKnows.com.

Who doesn’t have that one friend who’s always gushing about meditation? She finds time for it, doesn’t have a problem sitting still and claims it’s changed her life. Admit it: You kind of want to know her secret.

Since May is National Meditation Month, we thought it was the right moment to ask women about the real ways it’s impacted them. All of the studies already laud meditation for things like lowering risk of heart disease and cancer, improving calm and focus and overcoming fears and anxiety. But aside from avoiding a super-scary diagnosis and feeling better overall, which are obviously great benefits, what does that actually mean in day-to-day life?

For me, it began in the last few moments of yoga class during Savasana. At first, it was hard to lay there and hear the silence around me, but I soon embraced the downtime. Before long, I found myself taking Savasana breaks at home for a few minutes at a time. Ultimately, I think meditation is most helpful at helping us focus on our actions so they align with what we really want. For instance, I may not react as quickly to something that upsets me, which helps my body avoid harmful cortisol or adrenaline surges that come with being an anxious person.

Meditation can happen in many ways, and once you practice it, you’ll find that it works itself into your day seemingly without even having to try. To me, that’s the biggest benefit of all. Here’s how other real women use meditation in everyday life. Click here to read advice from Tiffany Cruikshank and eight other women who lean on meditation within their daily lives.

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"Just shifting your ability to approach your yoga practice as a form of medicine can be really powerful." Tiffany Cruikshank