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Yoga Medicine®'s critically acclaimed 500HR yoga teacher training focuses on a deeper understanding of anatomy, kinesiology, pathology, and modalities from Eastern and Western medicine in addition to their applications to traditional yoga practices. We train our teachers to understand the body and the practice so they can create a personalized therapeutic yoga program for an individual at any level or style of practice.

Winter Quarter
January 25 - April 21, 2021

Mental Health and Wellness Training (55hrs)

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Spine: Anatomy, Dysfunction, and Application (55hrs)

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One Month Sessions: 
Mindful, Trauma-Informed Yoga (20hrs)
Sequencing with Purpose (20hrs)

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Spring Quarter
Begins May 2021 (schedule subject to change)

Nervous System and Restorative Yoga Training (55hrs)

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Hip: Anatomy, Dysfunction, and Application (55hrs)

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Summer Quarter
Begins July 2021 (schedule subject to change)
All one month sessions:

Yoga for Athletes Training - July

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Women's Health Training - August

Myofascial Release Training - September

Fall Quarter
Begins October 2021 (schedule subject to change)

One month session:
Traditional Chinese Medicine Training

Yin and Meditation Yoga Teacher Training (55hrs)

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Shoulder: Anatomy, Dysfunction, and Application (55hrs)

A science-backed Yoga Teacher Training that integrates Eastern and Western medicine into therapeutic programs.

"As an integrative and lifestyle family medicine physician I wanted a yoga teacher training that was science and medicine based.  Tiffany is amazing at what she does, she is a pioneer in bringing yoga medicine as a form of self care and health care treatment and blazing a trail and building a bridge among the eastern and western integrative medicine world.  Her courses are intense, but truly rewarding.  You will leave feeling inspired to share this work with anyone in your path.  Yoga Medicine is not just great for yoga teachers, but also for physical therapists and physicians or any yogi wanting personal knowledge to learn more for themselves and utilize these skills to lead a happier healthier life.  You will want more and more." - Michelle Thompson-Olosson

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During the 500HR yoga teacher training program, our teachers gain a deeper understanding of anatomy and physiology interwoven with concepts from Eastern and Western medicine. Teachers gain the ability to use these modalities together to deepen the therapeutic effects of a yoga practice. Our 500HR teachers are trained to work one-on-one with their students to personalize the practice to suit the needs of the student on a more therapeutic level and are trained to work with healthcare providers to enhance healthcare. This training prepares our teachers with the information needed to serve their community and to become a registered Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist.

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All online Yoga Medicine® Trainings can be  taken individually outside of academic quarters, on your own time. However you choose to train with us, you first must apply to our 500hr program. It's completely free!

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