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About the Yoga Medicine® Podcast

This show was created to educate & empower yoga students & teachers to use yoga therapeutically to optimize experiences, communities & resilience. Our methods are based on a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology and the integration of modern science & research with traditional practices & experience. We believe research is just as precious as experience and we believe in the human potential for change & greatness. Our goal is to help you learn the owners manual of your unique body/mind and so we offer this as a free resource to anyone interested in optimizing their health & wellbeing.

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This content is not medical advice and is not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions. For such services, please consult with your licensed healthcare provider. We always recommend consulting with your healthcare provider prior to any therapeutic interventions, including this class. Though we believe online resources can be incredibly valuable, nothing replaces the guidance of your healthcare provider who knows your unique situation. Yoga Medicine® & its teachers are not responsible for injury or damage arising in any way from your use of this content.

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