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Program Overview

Our yoga teacher training programs strive to educate and empower teachers to use yoga therapeutically based on a deeper understanding of anatomy, physiology and the integration of modern science and research with traditional practices and experiences.

Through our 200HR, 500HR, and 1000HR yoga teacher training programs, we aim to create an international community of experienced yoga teachers who support individuals and the healthcare systems.

Read more about each of our programs below to help you get on the right track in joining our community.

200HR Training

In the 200HR yoga teacher training program, our students gain a thorough foundation to begin teaching yoga with a strong component in anatomy and alignment alongside a well-rounded foundation in yoga principle and philosophies. These teachers are trained to deliver a strong group class interweaving the physical and philosophical components of the practice.

500HR Training

During the 500HR yoga teacher training program, our teachers gain a deeper understanding of anatomy and physiology interwoven with concepts from Eastern and Western medicine. Teachers gain the ability to use these modalities together to deepen the therapeutic effects of a yoga practice. Our 500HR teachers are trained to work one-on-one with their students to personalize the practice to suit the needs of the student on a more therapeutic level and are trained to work with healthcare providers to enhance healthcare. This training prepares our teachers with the information needed to serve their community and to become a registered Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist.

You can now complete your Yoga Medicine® 500HR Yoga Teacher Training online! Click here for more information on this completely virtual 500HR program.

1000HR Training

In the 1000HR program, our teachers acquire a thorough knowledge of kinesiology, pathology, and the Eastern energetics of the practice which allows them to intertwine these complimentary concepts to maximize the therapeutic effects. Our teachers are trained to understand the body and mind, to work synergistically with healthcare practitioners to help provide a well-rounded approach. This program includes a research topic of choice culminating in a thesis project to present the work and findings. This advanced training program trains teachers to efficiently and effectively apply a more extensive knowledge of the body to the practice of yoga for more meaningful and transformational outcomes.

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