Empower your yoga practice with key insights from anatomy, physiology, & mental health for improved well-being.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the essential components you need to get the most out of your yoga practice
  • Gain critical information, alignment tips, and pose modifications that you can immediately put into practice on your mat
  • Learn to move more efficiently with less stress on the body & joints
  • Learn subtle but critical features of the yoga poses that you can tap into in any class to help you maximize the effects of your practice
  • Experience the effects of a practice that enhances your body’s natural capacity to be resilient & thrive
  • Learn to approach your practice in a way that soothes the nervous system & nourishes the hard-working internal organs
  • Gain insight into the power of the mind both on & off your yoga mat and how to harness the power of your mind for increased mental clarity & efficiency
  • How to use these techniques independently, so you can apply these techniques in your own practice, using any style of yoga, for greater integrity and therapeutic effect
  • Gain the tools needed to tap into the physical, mental & physiological benefits of your yoga practice
  • Learn how to develop a practice with a three-dimensional approach to address the physical body, the internal organs, and the mind
  • Learn how mindfulness meditation and yoga work together to restore optimal functioning of the nervous system

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