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Marketing for Yoga Teachers

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Marketing is a significant source of stress for many yoga teachers, but it doesn’t need to be. The Marketing for Yoga Teachers online course with Rachel Land is designed for part-time and full-time yoga teachers who would like to operate their yoga business more skillfully. This online course will help you flip your perspective, so that instead of thinking about marketing as “selling” you see it as another way to connect with your community. You’ll walk through the process of building and executing a marketing plan from start to finish, covering topics like identifying your core students, refining your current teaching offerings, analyzing the yoga market you work in, crafting a clear statement of who you are as a teacher and where you would like to grow in the future, and creating a budget of current and projected expenses versus earnings. There are practical assignments each step of the way to help you apply the theory to your teaching, your students, and your community. The end goal is to build a sustainable teaching career that fulfills you – personally, professionally, financially.

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What Will I Learn?

You’ll walk through the marketing process step by step, learning how to:

  • Approach teaching as a business, as well as a service to your community.
  • Identify your core students and understand what problems your teaching solves for them.
  • Assess your current teaching offerings: which classes or courses you offer, which venues you use, your pricing, and which channels you use to promote your teaching.
  • Analyze the yoga market in your community: your strengths and weaknesses as a teacher in relation to opportunities and threats present in your environment.
  • Craft a clear statement of who you are as a teacher, and what is important to you.
  • Develop a vision for where you would like to take your teaching in the future.
  • Create a budget of current and projected expenses versus earnings.
  • Draw all this information together into a Marketing Plan, including opportunities for future growth and development.
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Required Tools

  • Pen and paper for notes; but remember, a downloadable handout comes with this course.
  • No yoga props are needed for this course.
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Course Features

  • Course length: 2 hours of online training videos
  • Lecture modules including an assignment for each
  • There will not be any yoga practices or sequences within this online course
  • An informative course handout available for download
  • A course certificate after the successful completion of the online quiz
  • This course is eligible for 2-hours of continuing education hours with Yoga Medicine® and/or Yoga Alliance.
  • This course is available on-demand and does not expire, so you can always return to practice and revisit the material to deepen your understanding over time.
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Course Outcomes

On completion of this online training, you’ll be able to:

  • View your teaching as a business, as well as a service to your community.
  • Recognize your core students and feel confident communicating who you are as a teacher and what you have to offer them.
  • Craft your own marketing plan from start to finish.
  • Feel clear about how you plan to meet challenges and opportunities moving forward.

About The Teacher

Rachel Land has a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing, and began her working life in corporate marketing. These days she is a full-time yoga teacher, a Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist, and Yoga Alliance Continued Education Provider based in New Zealand. Her teaching is reputed for providing a dynamic mix of strength, stability, approachable anatomy, and humor throughout the classes she offers across the globe. Rachel is an active contributor to yoga publications including Yoga Journal, Yoga International, and Yoga Digest, and teaches in Yoga Medicine® 200hr and 500hr trainings.


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