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Prenatal Myofascial Release

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Practicing yoga is established as a helpful adjunct to most women’s journey from conception and through pregnancy. But what about the myofascial release techniques that are gaining prevalence in teacher trainings and group classes? Myofascial release (MFR) is a self-applied therapeutic technique that targets fascia – the soft connective tissues that encase, protect, and hydrate our body head to toe. Giving extra attention to these natural features of fascia is beneficial during pregnancy to help address fluid retention, decreased circulation, restricted mobility, discomfort from muscular tension, and so much more.

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What Will I Learn?

As a yoga teacher, this course is a resource for the following:

  • Contraindications for myofascial release techniques during pregnancy
  • Prenatal MFR do’s and don’ts
  • Prenatal MFR techniques demonstrated in an informative practice (non-pregnant practitioners can benefit from this practice too!)
  • Engaging in appropriate therapeutic responses
  • Creating a yoga sequence and self-care plan for managing grief-related symptoms.
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Required Tools

  • A blanket, a yoga block
  • For the Myofascial Release work, you will need 2 balls of the same size (tennis or MFR balls) and a medium ball that is half-deflated.
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Course Features

  • A straightforward introduction to MFR for a prenatal practitioner
  • A nurturing, guided yoga practice, approximately 60 minutes
  • An informative course handout available for download
  • A course certificate after the successful completion of the online quiz
  • This course is available on-demand and does not expire, so you can always return to practice and revisit the material to deepen your understanding over time.
  • This course is eligible for 1 hour of continuing education hours with Yoga Medicine® and/or Yoga Alliance.
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Course Outcomes

  • Understand the benefits of MFR during pregnancy
  • Identify contraindications for prenatal MFR
  • Approach MFR techniques while remaining mindful of common do’s and don’ts for a prenatal setting
  • Employ and explain MFR techniques to your pregnant student
  • Incorporate myofascial release techniques into a prenatal yoga session and suggestions to help ease the symptoms of the body associated with pregnancy.

About The Teacher

Allie Geer is a Boulder-based yoga teacher with a passion for teaching public classes, workshops, and yoga teacher trainings through a therapeutic yoga lens. Her areas of expertise include myofascial release education and prenatal yoga. She is a registered prenatal instructor who leads prenatal YTTs and a registered Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist who assists and teaches on behalf of Yoga Medicine®.


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