Traditional Chinese Medicine 26-hour Training

Seattle, Washington | July 9-12, 2018


Join us at The Century Ballroom in Seattle, Washington for the Traditional Chinese Medicine Immersion. Taught by Tiffany Cruikshank, this training will give you a foundation in Chinese Medicine principles as it relates to teaching yoga.

This 4-day, 26-hour immersion is a great way for our teachers and dedicated practitioners to join an advanced short course without having to commit to prolonged periods away from work or long plane journeys. The price of these urban-style immersion trainings includes the training tuition only, making it accessible for local teachers or those who want to find their own food and accommodations. Each day will feature a daily 2.5-hour morning practice relevant to the course content and follow with an afternoon training lecture and a short evening homework assignment to help you retain the information.

Seattle, Washington

Course Dates

July 9-12, 2018


Yoga Medicine’s shorter courses are typically 1-5 days in length and are hosted at yoga studios or conference centers around the world. The curriculum is geared towards yoga teachers or dedicated yoga practitioners who want to learn more. These trainings are not suitable for yoga novices.

We offer the shorter courses as a way to allow our teachers to continue their education without having to commit to a full week away or a long plane ride. These trainings usually begin with a daily 2-hour morning practice relevant to the course content and follow with afternoon teacher training lectures and a short evening homework assignment to help you retain the information. Some immersions have recommended prep work to review before the immersion begins. The price of these trainings includes the training only, making it accessible for local teachers or those who want to find their own food and accommodations.

See how the Traditional Chinese Medicine training has influenced our teachers & their yoga teaching

“Incorporating Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) principles in my yoga sequencing is one of the most inspiring tools I’ve come across during almost twenty years of teaching yoga. When you learn the energetic meridians of TCM, you can target those areas of the body through asana and adapt it to address numerous conditions or concerns. To magnify the effectiveness of your teachings you can also create an emotional setting with your knowledge of the 5 elements: are you aiming to release frustration, create introspection, or do you simply want to support those students who need structure? The possibilities are endless. Instead of “just” teaching a class, there’s now a direction to my classes that can support my students on an even deeper level.”  — Ann-Charlotte Monrad, 500-hour Yoga Medicine instructor
“Take your understanding of wellness and the art of natural healing to another level! Incorporating traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) into teaching yoga has enhanced my sequencing and wellness strategies to share with students, especially during seasonal transitions when we can feel stressed but may not be aware of why.  Change is constant – day to day and season to season. Taking a TCM approach to yoga helps you to guide students into seasonal food choices and lifestyle habits that they can take off the mat to find balance in their lives. This knowledge will also enhance your sequences with poses that engage and open meridian lines by working with the 5 elements to provide a therapeutic experience. Understanding TCM helps yoga teachers see how the external environment is mirrored in the internal environment. Concepts of yin and yang can also be used to theme the class – physically through the postures or connecting to larger themes like kindness and forgiveness (which are aspects of the elements).” — Diane Malaspina, 500-hour Yoga Medicine instructor

What to Expect

Training Structure

Anticipated Daily Schedule:

  • 2.5-hour morning practice (9 – 11:30am)
  • Afternoon lecture & practicum (1 – 5pm)

When planning your travel arrangements, please keep in mind you must be present for the entire training to receive the certificate of completion for the 26-hour teacher training credit. This attendance rule is required for both the general participant as well as those enrolled in Yoga Medicine’s 500/1000-hour program.

The Curriculum

This immersion will look at the foundations of Chinese Medicine theory to help you understand your student’s unique individual constitution and how you can use information to make your work with them more effective. You will learn the Chinese Medicine five-element theory, yin and yang theory, and the differentiation of the organs as it applies specifically to yoga. By understanding the framework of Chinese Medicine it allows us to individualize the practice to our student’s needs.

Meet Your Teacher

Tiffany Cruikshank

An international yoga teacher, author, and wellness expert, Tiffany is known as a teacher’s teacher who has written for and graced the cover of many prominent publications.

Tiffany Cruikshank is the founder of Yoga Medicine and has been teaching for over 20 years. She has a premed Bachelors degree in Medicinal Plant Biology and a Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with a specialty in Sports Medicine and Orthopedics.

Tiffany began leading informal teacher trainings out of her home to local teachers in her area in 2003 and began leading Yoga Alliance approved 200hr teacher trainings in 2008 and Yoga Alliance approved 500hr teacher trainings in 2009 as TiffanyYoga. Her teaching methods combine the western knowledge of the body (anatomy, kinesiology & physiology) with the eastern tradition of yoga.

Century Ballroom

This training takes place in downtown Seattle in the Capital Hill district. This neighborhood is known for its vivacious diversity and laid-back persona that is complemented by a variety of hip bars, eateries, coffee shops, and indie stores. Our training will be held in the Century Ballroom located within the Odd Fellows Hall, a multi-purpose building that features restaurants, an ice cream parlor, community arts halls, co-working spaces, and much more. The Century Ballroom itself was founded in 1997 to promote social dancing of all kinds with a robust community that encourages any and everyone to come out dancing.

Address: 915 E Pine, 2nd Floor, Seattle WA 98122

Click here to learn more about this venue.

Course Tuition



Price includes the course tuition & a detailed training manual by Yoga Medicine.


A one-time, full payment of $800 (which includes a $250 non-refundable & non-transferable deposit) will secure your spot in the 26-hour training course. When registration opens, a payment option will become available at the top of this page.

Refunds will be issued upon request, minus $250, until May 4, 2018. The tuition payment is non-refundable & non-transferable after May 4, 2018.

Refunds will be issued upon request, minus $250, until May 4, 2018.

The tuition payment is non-refundable & non-transferable after May 4, 2018There are no refunds or transfers of payments after this deadline.

We realize that some extenuating circumstances may prohibit you from attending, which may include inclement weather & other circumstances beyond your control. However, due to non-recoverable payments that we must make in advance to secure the event centers, we cannot make exceptions regardless of the circumstance. We appreciate your understanding.

Your enrollment covers the full training tuition for the 26-hour course and a detailed training manual by Yoga Medicine.

Travel, accommodations, & meals are not included.

Please plan your lodging accommodations & commute to ensure you arrive with enough time for our first morning practice at 9am on Monday, July 9th.

Click here for information on the Century Ballroom’s location, including suggestions for parking.

Apply this training towards a 500hr certification

If you are enrolled in Yoga Medicine’s 500hr or 1000hr certification program, then this 26-hour course counts towards your training hours with Yoga Medicine as well as continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance.

You do not need to be enrolled in our 500hr/1000hr program to participate. If you are interested to continue training with Yoga Medicine to receive an advanced training certification with us, then you have the option to apply to our 500hr program and this course’s hours will automatically apply towards your 500hr certification process.

If you would like to learn more about our 500hr certification program click here. The link below will take you to the application for joining our program.

Apply Here


Yes! This course is designed for yoga teachers and dedicated practitioners. If you have a consistent yoga practice and a desire to learn more, then we would love to have you join!

Yes. Yoga Medicine’s courses are designed for yoga teachers and practitioners with a dedicated practice, so we will assume you have ample awareness to modify your practice as it suits you. We will have assistants who can help you modify in practice, so please make sure to let them know about the injury you’re working with. Also, you are always welcome to take rest in the asana practices and learn through observation as well.

Please bring a yoga mat, the props you use regularly in your practice, and something to write with. We will provide a detailed course manual that follows the lecture presentation and there is ample room for jotting down your notes. If you are an avid note-taker then bring an extra notepad!

Please note that this training is being held at an event venue, not a yoga studio – so extra yoga equipment will not be provided.

You are welcome to take still photos throughout the training, but please plan to leave your cell phone off and tucked away during the practices. We do not allow video or audio recording.


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