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Our 2019 Seva Foundation Project is close to our heart!

About our Partners:

Her Future Coalition (formerly named Made By Survivors) founded by Sarah Symons, is an American 501c3 NGO that operates on the ground in India to provide jobs, education and shelters to over 1,000 survivors of slavery, child marriage and other human rights abuses in India, Nepal, Cambodia and Thailand. Her Future Coalition trains survivors, creating jobs in respected professions with high wages that develop sustainability for the rescued women.

Their most successful program is jewelry! Traditionally, metalsmithing was a male-only profession. The survivors are breaking gender barriers, earning livable wages and uplifting their families and communities through this vocational education and rehabilitation program.

Her Future Coalition (HFC) is the U.S. fiscal parent to the Rescue Foundation (RF), a registered non-profit, grass-root NGO involved in rescue, rehabilitation & repatriation of victims of human trafficking who are typically trafficked from India, Bangladesh, Nepal and subjected to commercial sexual exploitation in India. These young victims have been robbed of their human rights as they are physically and mentally tortured by coercive sexual activities. RF ensures survivors regain their human rights by rescuing and rehabilitating women and children.

On the Ground:

Her Future Coalition (HFC) and the Rescue Foundation (RF) have many projects throughout India. We have chosen to work with their new shelter 45 miles outside New Delhi. This shelter is being constructed and due to open in early 2017. It will be located near a Red Light District and is expected to have 100+ women and girls within days of it’s opening. We choose this project because the RF is in dire need of help. These newly rescued victims will need health checks, food, clothing and most of all, the mental rehabilitation for a bright future.

By sponsoring a new shelter operated by two reputable non-profits, Yoga Medicine and the fundraising team have an unique yoga volunteering opportunity to help this shelter grow and prosper from the ground up. Our donations will go to health checks, vocational education, food and shelter, clothing, basic math and reading education, rescue missions and more.

Our First Seva Experience:

In 2015, our community raised over $40K to support the day-to-day operations of 15 street kid shelters to participate in the prevention the trafficking of kids ages 4-15 in the slums and red light districts of Kolkata. The shelters, supported by The Women’s Interlink Foundation, Made By Survivors and The Village Cooperative, provide a range of services including, healthcare, education, nutritional meals, tutoring, job coaching, yoga classes and other recreational activities for over 525 children. Our funds supported these organizations’ fundamental operations such as accounting, programming, transportation, and educational materials and the salaries of teachers and supervisors.

There is no problem in the world without a solution. Join us in finding a way.

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