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Here Is What Some Of Our Past Participants Have Said About Attending A Yoga Medicine® Training

200HR Testimonials

Monisha Bhanote - 200hr YTT 2017

“I looked at a lot of programs before I decided on this training and the 200hr Yoga Medicine® training exceeded my expectations. It was the best decision I made and anyone would benefit from it, even repeating their 200 hours again! This program reviews anatomy at the level of some medical schools, in fact, I always joke that this program is the Ivy League of yoga trainings.”

Sara Close - 200hr YTT 2017

“I would (and do!) recommend the 200hr training about a million times over. What stands out with this training is the well-placed confidence it instills in the graduates. The training felt less dogmatic and cookie-cutter like, instead it focused on instilling a personal sense of aptitude, depthful understanding, and agency.” 

Eding Mvilongo - 200hr YTT 2016

“The 200hr trainers are incredible teachers! They were and still are a constant source of help and inspiration! I also found that the open-mindedness and the sense of inquiry with which we were taught and encouraged to practice altered my vision of yoga and its meaning in my life.” 

Timothy Johnson - 200hr YTT 2018

“The anatomy aspect of the teacher training gave me a grounding and understanding of the asanas and of my own body. Rachel Land was my group leader and mentor – she knew exactly where my self practice needed adjusting. She made me realize what my long-term goals are and gave me direction. All of the teachers were inspiring and have given me so much to aspire to.” 

Jen Yamzon - 200hr YTT 2018

“In the 200hr YTT, we would review what we learned the day before and the days prior to that. We walked out of training fully prepared to teach what we learned, with a toolbox filled with information that is helpful for us as teachers and our future as students.” 

Marcella Idsinga - 200hr YTT 2018

“My search for a program that would help me become a safe and confident teacher lead my to YM, and I was blessed beyond measure in the way I was equipped to teach. It’s clear that the YM teaching team has researched and experimented and refined to create a program where you’re not only taught the material, you’re ingrained with it.” 

500HR Testimonials

Taylor Kaban, 500hr in-progress

“My training with Yoga Medicine® has given me an immense amount of knowledge, which has helped me in confidently launching my own private yoga business. The fusion of Chinese Medicine, anatomy, western medicine, orthopaedics, exercise science, yoga, mental health, meditation, and mindfulness, coupled with the enthusiasm from Tiffany and the other senior teachers in delivering the content, makes training with Yoga Medicine® an incredible experience. I highly recommend these trainings for anyone who is interested in using yoga as a therapeutic practice, whether that’s in group classes, or 1 on 1 with private clients.”

Erin Poyant

“The YM tranings have brought me to a level that I did not know existed from the extensive anatomy training to how to live a yoga lifestyle influenced by theory and ethics.”

Laura Gonzales

“I finished my 200HRS (not with YM) and felt really unprepared to teach. I didn’t have a strong grasp of anatomy and I didn’t feel confident with my knowledge- I knew I wanted to do more training. I’ve now completed the shoulder, hip, and spine modules, yoga for athletes and myofasical release immersions. I’ve left every training feeling armed not just with theoretical information but comprehensive knowledge that I could apply straight away within classes and with private clients.” 

Sophie Tashkovski

“There is no doubt that I have become a better teacher with each training I attend. YM trainings have fine tuned my understanding of anatomy, and helped me better understand how to help individual clients feel best in their bodies. I’ve also learned about my own body and how to treat it with kindness. YM trainings have changed my Yoga perspective-when I started as a Yoga student, I thought you had to push yourself at all costs to achieve a pose. Now I accept where I am on any given day and know that it might be different the next day.”

Natalie Senger

“Every single time I’m moving and observing my students I’m integrating what I’ve learned in my YM trainings. I think the most helpful thing that I’ve learned is to teach without scaring people about improper alignment. I share how our bodies are remarkable, unique, and resilient.”

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