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The Complex Nature of Grief During COVID-19 (Plus 3 Simple Practices to Help You Cope)

COVID-19, has really changed so much in our lives, including how we’re coping with grief from the loss of a loved one. Quarantine and social distancing ask us to adapt in different ways when it comes to love and loss, and to saying goodbye.

In normal circumstances, when a loved one gets sick, we can have contact and care for them, share sentiments and love, and be present with them as end of life approaches. We can hold their hand as we say goodbye and assure them, they are not alone.

A pandemic changes all of this.

As one approaches the end of life, it must be experienced without loved ones nearby, which can be scary and leave loved ones without a sense of closure over the loss.

People are missing out on their final farewells, which is relatively common when a loved one dies suddenly, like from an accident or heart attack. But there’s added stress that is unique during a pandemic, in that we are aware that the loved one is declining, but there’s little ability to be of support and the inability to be present for the end of life.

This can lead to deep despair, feeling a lack of control, guilt, and sadness over the inability to be of comfort.

In addition, once the loved one passes, rituals like celebrations of life and funerals can’t be held due to social distancing measures. While some are engaging in virtual funerals and other rituals, it doesn’t replace the hug of family members or the shared experience of mourning together.

So a lot of the grief is left to be done alone or at a distance from the loved ones needed for support. Finding acceptance, a key tenet of grief processing, can be disrupted as a result.

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Diane Malaspina

Diane Malaspina

Diane Malaspina, Ph.D., is a psychologist, yoga teacher, and consultant working in the field of health and wellness since 2001. Diane’s work is split between teaching yoga and her consulting business as a psychologist, where her specialty is implementing evidence-based strategies to reduce stress and foster healthy behaviors. Diane is currently working on a 1000 hour certification with Yoga Medicine while developing therapeutic yoga and meditation programs in her community. She earned 200 hour certifications from Shiva Rea (Prana Vinyasa Flow) and YogaWorks and a 500 hour certification from Yoga Medicine, as well as hundreds of hours of advanced training in meditation, pranayama, and philosophy. Diane is registered as a Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist. She lives a few blocks from the Atlantic Ocean in Virginia Beach with her husband, Omar and rescue dog, Prana. To learn more about Diane's offerings, visit:

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