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Mexico | July – September, 2020

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About Eding Mvilongo, MScE, MD, FRCPC

Eding is an Anesthesiologist and Clinical Professor from Montreal, Canada. While in residency, Eding started to explore yoga more intently. As a former Track and Field varsity athlete, she remained fascinated by human movement and the impact of breath and meditation on performance. After 10 years of regular practice, her desire to deepen her knowledge led her to study under Baron Baptiste (Power Vinyasa), completing over 330 hours of training.

She then decided to explore further the correlation between the Western Medicine approach to health and wellness and the traditional Chinese medicine philosophy and principles through Yoga Medicine® training. She is currently working towards finalizing her Yoga Medicine® 500-hour certification, and hopes to bring forth what she learns to her clinical practice. Her solid knowledge of the nervous system and its physiology will help her assist in the Internal Medicine module on the nervous system and restorative yoga.

Eding completed her medical residency at McGill University in Montreal and a Paediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC. She teaches yoga to private clients as well as at different studios around the Montreal area, and hosted a weekly yoga and wellness program on community TV ( 2016-2017). Her playful approach focuses on alignment and breath, encouraging her students to explore what is available to them.

In her free time, Eding loves to read, exercise and spend time with her family and friends. She is also an avid traveler, choosing to explore the world both above ground and underwater. 

Yoga Medicine® Certifications

500 Hour

In Progress

200 Hour


Yoga For Athletes

Dissection Lab


Anatomy, Dysfunction & Application​

Myofascial Release

Nervous System & Restorative Yoga

Upcoming Yoga Medicine® Trainings with Eding


Nervous System and Restorative Yoga

May 9-16, 2020


Shoulder Intensive

July 14-19, 2020


Cadaver Lab Dissection

September 14-17, 2020

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