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The Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist

What is a Therapeutic Specialist?

The Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialists are teachers who have successfully completed the Yoga Medicine® 500HR advanced teacher training certification and continue to stay abreast of current information and research through ongoing educational requirements. These teachers have completed at minimum 290 hours of advanced training and they have completed over 10-hours of comprehensive case studies in which they implemented the materials learned in Yoga Medicine® trainings*. Our 500HR certification is an academic endeavor that requires a deep sense of commitment and dedication from the teacher, but the journey doesn’t end there — we are never truly done learning.

After achieving their 500HR certificate, the Therapeutic Specialists stay relevant and up-to-date with annual continuing education requirements with Yoga Medicine®. To reflect their continued dedication to raising the bar, we recognize that these teachers are in a league of their own: Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialists.

*Our 500hr requirement policy changed January 1, 2020. For those who were accepted into the 500HR program prior to 2020, they need 270 hours of advanced training and 30 hours of case studies to complete the 500HR. For those who applied after 2020, they now have to complete 290 hours in advanced trainings and 10 hours in case studies.

Who Can Be a Therapeutic Specialist?

New to Yoga Medicine®?
If you are a yoga teacher interested in joining our advanced certification training, then your next steps are pretty simple. Overview on how to start your 500HR certification:
  1. Read about the 500HR program here.
  2. Complete the online application to the 500HR program – click here to begin.
  3. Select from in-person trainings and online courses. Click here for our events calendar and click here to read about our range of online curriculum.
After completing the 500HR program, you will be eligible to become a Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist.
Already Studying with Yoga Medicine®?

If you are currently enrolled in the 500HR program, then to become a Therapeutic Specialist you will need to complete the 500HR program (290 training hours and submission of case studies* – see note above). After receiving your 500HR certificate, you will have the option to enroll as Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist.

The opt-in process is simple – you will receive an overview of the terms and conditions. After signing the agreement and pledging to maintain your continued studies, we will list you as a Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist. In order to stay current, you will need to complete an annual minimum of 10 hours of continuing education which can be done through any of our teacher trainings. Any of our 500HR/1000HR curriculum will be accepted, including online courses marked as teacher trainings (we are always adding to the selection). All you need to do is keep your information up to date and renew the agreement when it arrives in your inbox yearly to maintain an active registration which allows you to use the title and logo as set out in the Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist contract.

Why Be a Therapeutic Specialist?

Stand Out as a Therapeutic Specialist
The Find a Teacher Directory is a global resource for locating teachers who are training with Yoga Medicine®. When you search in the directory, you will find a listing of certified teachers in the 200HR, 500HR, and 1000HR level programs. Each profile will display their level of Yoga Medicine® certification and a list of their completed trainings. Teachers who have taken the extra step as committed Therapeutic Specialists will be distinguished – see the example profile on the left.
Who uses the Find a Teacher Directory?

Real examples of users:

  • Someone who is new to yoga and looking for a skilled teacher.
  • Dedicated practitioners looking for a teacher with a specific skillset.
  • A studio looking to add a Yoga Medicine® teacher or Therapeutic Specialist to their team.
  • A therapeutic or holistic health clinic seeking a collaboration with a well-trained yoga teacher.
  • A corporate office, a research group, or hospital that wants to incorporate yoga services through an educated, well-rounded instructor.

These are not suggested uses of this resource — these are examples of real connections made with Yoga Medicine® teachers through the Teacher’s Directory!

How to Become a Therapeutic Specialist

Apply to the Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist Program
To become a Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist you must first complete the Yoga Medicine® 500HR teacher training. Upon completion of your 500HR certification, you will receive information to register as a Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist. If you are already a 500HR Yoga Medicine® teacher and have not received an application, please email for details. Details about the Therapeutic Specialist Agreement:
  • The agreement details terms for using the Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist and logo, indemnification, and other basic terms for mutual understanding.
  • There are no membership fees.
  • You will be invited to renew the agreement each year.
  • To maintain the Therapeutic Specialist title and logo usage, you are required to fulfill 10 hours of continuing education with Yoga Medicine® each year. Online and in-person training are applicable.

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