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Movement Matters: How to Help Clients Who Have Chronic Pain

With contributions from Lynne Olsen for Ace Fitness. As someone who has chronic pain due [...]

An Intro to Fertility Yoga

By Kendra Tolbert for Yoga Medicine. With rounded shoulders and downcast eyes, she sighed out [...]

How to Get the Most from Your Client Assessments

By Lynne Olsen for Yoga Medicine. As movement professionals who work one-on-one with clients, it’s [...]


Yoga with Jake Podcast: Tiffany Cruikshank

By Jake Panasevich who interviews Tiffany Cruikshank for the Yoga with Jake Podcast. Tiffany Cruikshank, L.Ac., [...]

4 Yoga Poses to Help Ease New Mom Anxiety

By Mia Barnes for Yoga Medicine. You shouldn’t be super active right after you’ve given [...]

5 Yin-Spiring Poses for Spring

By Imogen North for Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine. Come out of hibernation with yin [...]

8 Yoga Poses to Ease Tech Neck Pain

By Mia Barnes for Yoga Medicine. Gadgets may make the modern world go around, but [...]

The Holistic Benefits of Outdoor Yoga

By Mia Barnes for Yoga Medicine. Yoga provides benefits for your mind, body and soul. [...]


Top 3 Reasons Why Seva Is Everything

By Dr. Puja Shah for Yoga Medicine. Growing up as a first generation immigrant in [...]

How You Can Slay Your Goal Setting in 2023

By a Yoga Medicine® Contributor. 2023 is just the beginning! Every New Year people are [...]

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