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Welcome Your In-Breath In

By Imogen North for Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine. How can we create space in [...]

5 Benefits of Practicing Stillness

By Mia Barnes for Yoga Medicine. You might have heard people say that “sitting is [...]

How to Set a Powerful Intention for Your Yoga Practice

By Mia Barnes for Yoga Medicine. You know by now that yoga is far more [...]

The Benefits of Practicing Yoga in the Dark

By Mia Barnes for Yoga Medicine. The spooky season is approaching and darkness comes earlier [...]

Cultivating Mindful Balance In Your Everyday Life

By Molly Black for Yoga Medicine. Since 2020, many of us have been working from [...]

The Benefits of Skeletal Muscle for Cancer Prevention & Survival

By Dr. Doreen Wiggins for Yoga Medicine®. Yoga, aerobic, and resistance exercise are routinely recommended [...]


The Sixth Sense Older Adults Can Develop for Better Balance (and Fewer Falls)

By Erica Harrison for Seasons. When thinking of the human senses, you probably think of [...]

Stress-Relief: 3 Ways To Tame Stress

By a Yoga Medicine® Contributor. Unfortunately, stress is something we are all familiar with. Stress [...]

Eight Simple Thoracic Spine Stretches to Kick That Upper Back Pain Once and for All

By Kaitlin Vogel for Parade. Get ready to start threading that needle. Let’s be honest—upper [...]

10 Cures For Brain Fog: Improve Your Mental Clarity

By Editorial Team for Daily Mom. Do you suffer from brain fog? Have you ever [...]

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