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107: Beat Burnout

Burnout is becoming a more common experience than ever, in the yoga world and beyond, [...]

106: Exercise Oncology, Yoga, and Fascia with Dr. Stephanie Otto

Today host Katja talks with Dr. Stephanie Otto about exercise oncology, exercise, and fascia. We [...]

105: Tackling Sacroiliac Joint Pain: Community Conversations with Kelsea Wright

It’s common knowledge that the vast majority of us will experience low back pain at [...]

104: Safe or Fun? Teacher’s Series

Today hosts Tiffany and Rachel discuss a question many yoga teachers grapple with: should we [...]

103: Teacher Training Myths: Community Conversations with Dana Diament

The mention of yoga teacher training conjures up a bundle of images and ideas, many [...]

102: Fascia & Pain, A Deeper Discussion

Today’s hosts, Tiffany and Katja, return for a deeper discussion of fascia and pain. Recently, [...]

101: Comfort, Challenge & Compassion: Community Conversations with Aisha Fakhro

In the yoga world, as elsewhere, opinions seem more polarized than ever. Today we’re making [...]

100: Yoga, Politics & History: Expert Insights with Firdose Moonda, MA

Many yoga students and teachers feel part of a culture and tradition we don’t fully [...]

99: Dynamic Stretching: Research Roundup

Today hosts Katja and Tiffany dive into the importance of dynamic mobility training and its [...]

98: The Pros & Cons of Using Anatomy in Yoga

There is no shortage of strong opinions on what areas of study are appropriate for [...]


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