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I Completed a Yoga Teacher Training During the Pandemic. Here’s What I Learned.

By Rina Deshpande for Yoga Journal. With many of us still bound by the restrictions [...]

Guidelines and Grace: Recommendations for Teaching Trauma-Informed Yoga

By Jaci Gandenberger for Yoga Medicine®. As a social worker and yoga teacher who has [...]

Yoga for Every Body: Supporting Students with Disabilities

By Jaci Gandenberger for Yoga Medicine®. The first time I offered a group yoga class [...]

Teaching Yoga Outside the Studio

By Jaci Gandenberger for Yoga Medicine®. For me, it started with a concussion. I’d been [...]

Mental Health And Wellness Module Overview

By Nat & Sandy Yoga Podcast. Recently, Nat (from Nat & Sandy Yoga) took a short trip [...]

Preparing for Yoga Teacher Training

By Paige Galster for Yoga by Paige. Deciding to embark upon the journey in becoming a yoga teacher [...]

When Your Doctor Recommends Yoga

Leanna Hamilton for Yoga Medicine® discusses the concept of a yoga prescription – or a doctor recommendation [...]

Treat Upper Body Tension & Pain

In this article, Shannon Stephens, Yoga Medicine® Teacher, identifies key trigger points in the trapezius, pecs, and rhomboids, and [...]

How to Pack for Yoga Medicine Training

Leanna Hamilton for Yoga Medicine shares some tips and tricks for making sure you have the right [...]

Preparing a Yoga Workshop after Teacher Training

Jessica Perry, Yoga Medicine 500HR Trainee shares some insight on putting together your first yoga [...]

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