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78: Pain Science Insights on Performance: Expert Insights with Marnie Hartman

We don’t all strive for elite physical performance, but we do all place demands on [...]

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15: Shifting Persistent Pain with Marnie Hartman, DPT, CSCS

In today’s episode, we unpack persistent pain with Marnie Hartman. Marnie has a doctorate in [...]

Task Force Updates ‘Pain’ Definition for First Time in 40 Years

By Asmae Fahmy for Verywell Health. In July, the International Association for the Study of [...]

Yoga for Pain Relief: 5 Moves to Ease Pain

Jill Schildhouse for Oxygen Magazine shares 5 yoga moves to try for pain relief. Try these [...]

The Neurobiology of Pain and Yoga as its Medicine

As Yoga teachers, we will often have students who struggle with pain. It is not [...]

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