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Welcome to your Yoga Medicine 200 Hour Online Training Portal!

Exams & Closing Circle Information

We are so excited to have you in the training this year and look forward to seeing you grow into an incredible teacher in your community.

Please be sure to watch the Welcome Video in week 1 and the teacher introduction videos, in addition to reading all of the below.

About the Format 

There are 10 blocks of content that will be available for you to access by the schedule below:

  • Block 1: available March 1st
  • Block 2: available March 29th
  • Block 3: available April 26th
  • Block 4: available May 24th
  • Block 5: available June 21st
  • Block 6: available July 19th
  • Block 7: available August 16th
  • Block 8: available September 13th
  • Block 9: available October 11th
  • Block 10: available November 8th
  • Block 11: available December 3rd (exam week, practice only)

This gives you plenty of content to dive into without being tempted to race ahead or get overwhelmed. Know that it will be much easier to manage this workload if you stay on top of it, so plan for around 6-6.5hrs per week.

We follow a rhythm of 3 weeks on and 1 week off in each block. Meaning, we deliver 3 weeks of content, and then there is 1 week without any practices or videos. You can use this week as a breather, catch up on previous weeks, repeat your favorite practices, re-watch lectures, or as unstructured time to integrate what you’ve learned.

The breakdown of content for a typical week looks like:

  • 3hrs of lectures
  • 2-2.5hrs of practices: 1-2 vinyasa practices, 1-2 meditation & breathwork practices, 1 restorative/yin/MFR
  • 1hr of our live calls: this changes to 2hrs during the last block of the training
  • some weeks there is 1hr of non-video homework: such as class observations or practice teaching

Block 11 is for your exams and you’ll have a special vinyasa class available to you on December 1st – other than that there is no pre-recorded content in Block 11. More information on the exams is in your manual and discussed in more detail later on in the training via video & live calls.

About the Video Lectures & Practices

The videos included in this training have been created by the best Yoga Medicine instructors and esteemed teachers. Many of the videos have been part of this curriculum for several years while others were purposely filmed for this all online version of our 200 Hour. Many were filmed during an in-person 200 Hour, which is extra special as you’ll see students just like yourself asking questions and practicing assists on each other – giving you a taste of being together in person. We believe we can learn so much from each other and value this opportunity to share snippets of a previous in person training. 

Please note that a strong internet connection for streaming videos is needed for this training; videos are not available for download at this time.

Our Live Sessions

On that note, we cannot wait to meet you and get to know you through the dedicated live calls in this training. So that you make the most of them, please put all of our live calls in your calendar. Be sure to note which ones are mandatory sessions – these include practice teaching with your fellow trainees – invaluable time to work on your teaching skills and receive feedback from your trainees and lead instructor. The live sessions are the place to bring all of your questions, meet your fellow trainees (& form life long friendships), and get mentored by your lead instructors. 

Live Sessions Schedule Click here to join the Live Session every Wednesday

Live Session Recordings

Click the dropdown arrow in the video player below to toggle between the live session recordings.

Your Yoga & Meditation Practice during this Training

We also recommend that you are practicing hatha vinyasa yoga 5-6 times a week during the training, and ideally one of these classes is a beginner’s class. You may choose to repeat the weekly practice or a previous week’s practice. Online classes on Yoga Medicine Online (YMO) can give you more options to choose from or you can visit local studios in your area. This is a great time to try out new class styles, teachers, and locations. From block 5 onwards, we will be giving you a sequence you can use for your home practice; from that point forward we recommend that you have 2 home practices each week where you guide yourself (we will prompt you & remind you of this). Do make sure to take at least one day a week off to rest.

We also ask that you maintain a daily meditation practice of at least 5 minutes. Pick a time that works for you and stick to it. Put a reminder in your calendar, set a timer and create a comfortable place in your house to sit. You can pick any of the simple techniques under meditation in your manual, or if you have a regular meditation practice just continue it.

Keeping a Journal

Many students benefit from keeping a journal throughout the training, as somewhere to record thoughts and feelings while experiencing practice through new eyes. Consider creating a journal of your own to help you gain clarity during and after the training.

Download Your Manuals

200 Hour Teacher Training Manual 20 Hour Anatomy Intensive Manual

Recommended Booklist

If you wish to do some additional reading check out the book list of titles that our teachers find helpful for their personal practice and teaching. These are not required reading.

Recommended Booklist


If you have any content questions, post them in the discussion board or live chat board or email them to Dana at dana@lennoxyoga.com.au.

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Exams & Closing Circle Information

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