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Welcome to your Female Health Yoga Teacher Training! We created this new live content to support you on your education journey! Each week you’ll have approximately 3 hours of new content launch here in your online training portal with a mix of practice, recorded lectures, & live office hours calls so that you can complete this 25 hour training with the support of your teacher & classmates over 9 weeks. Be sure to mark each lesson and topic as complete so you can track your progress.

Training Format 

There are 9 weeks of online content that will be available for you to access by the schedule below:

  • May 14th: Week 1 – Section 1 – TCM & Women’s Health
  • May 21st: Week 2 – Section 1 (cont’d)
  • May 28th: Week 3 – Section 2 – 4 Phases
  • June 4th: Week 4 – Section 2 (cont’d)
  • June 11th: Week 5 – Section 3 – Specific Scenarios 1
  • June 18th: Week 6 – Section 3 (cont’d)
  • June 25th: Week 7 – Section 4 – Specific Scenarios 2, Acupressure, & Conclusion
  • July 2nd: Week 8 – Section 4 (cont’d)
  • July 9th: Week 9 – Section 4 (cont’d) & Final Exam

The weekly release of sections as per the schedule above gives you plenty of content to dive into without being tempted to race ahead or get overwhelmed and fall behind. Know that it will be much easier to manage this workload if you stay on top of it, so plan for ~3 hours per week.

Live Office Hours Schedule (12-1pm PST | 3-4pm EST):

You can either attend the scheduled office hours live or you can watch the recordings to stay on top of the information as it progresses – you will have unlimited access to the training content, videos & recordings.

Click here to join each Office Hour Call at the scheduled date/time.

Completion Policy

You will have 30 days after the last live office hour becomes available on July 16th to pass the exam. Therefore, the exam must be completed by August 15th to receive your hours and certificate of completion. If you do not complete your exam by August 15th, you will lose access to the exam and will not be able to receive your hours and certificate of completion. Nonetheless, you will have unlimited access to the training content, videos & recordings (even if you don’t complete the exam).

Suggested props we will be using for this training:

  • 1 mat
  • 1 block (normal size is 4x6x9)
  • 1 strap
  • 1 blanket
  • 2 tennis balls or myofascial release balls (Recovery Rounds)
  • 1 meditation cushion
  • any additional props that you require
  • use promo code YMRAD for 25% off all RAD products

*We recommend having these props; however, if needed you can replace props with household items such as blankets or large bath towels.*

We look forward to training with you, enjoy! 🙂


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