Hip: Anatomy, Dysfunction, & Application Yoga Teacher Training | Immersion – Lennox 2023

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Welcome to your online exam. This is the final step to complete the training.

This online exam is pretty straightforward. There are 20 multiple choice questions and the exam is open for 30 minutes. To pass you must correctly answer 14 or more questions for a score of 70% or higher. If you get less than 14 questions correct, then you may retake the exam twice more.

A few things to note:
  • Because this is an in-person training, you have 30 days to complete this online exam. Please complete the exam by December 20th to ensure you receive full credit for the training.
  • We recommend taking the exam as soon as possible while the information is still fresh in your mind; but please take your time to study prior to completing the exam.
  • After the exam, you can review each question by clicking the “View Questions” button – however, the correct answers will not be displayed. Also, you will not be able to review your questions if you navigate away from the exam page – so be sure to review your questions prior to continuing on.
  • If you did not pass the exam with a 70% or higher, click the “Restart Quiz” button to retake the exam.
  • Important: When you pass the exam and review your questions, please make sure to click the “Click Here to Continue” button on the results page. This ensures that the course will be displayed as completed on your account.
  • When you pass the exam you will be prompted to print your certificate of completion. Please make sure to do this and save the certificate for your records.
  • For teachers in our 500/1000-hour program, your passing scores will add 24 hours towards your Yoga Medicine 500hr or 1000hr certification. If you’re interested in joining the 500-hour program with Yoga Medicine, please click here for more information and click here to apply online.

If you have any questions, please email info@yogamedicine.com.

Thank you & good luck!

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