Inside the Yoga Sutras – The Path to Freedom Online Course

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Inside the Yoga Sutras – The Path to Freedom

An in-depth examination of The Yoga Sutras, highlighting particular sutras for exploration and discussion.

by Diane Malaspina for Yoga Medicine®

Thank you for joining Inside the Yoga Sutras – The Path to Freedom, a course designed for those seeking to learn more about yoga philosophy. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras is a classic yoga text that defines the 8-Limbed Path of Yoga and explores the techniques for achieving union, the ultimate definition of Yoga. Typically a required text for many teacher training programs, The Yoga Sutras is a rich resource of both philosophy and techniques that can be integrated into self-study and personal growth, and brought into teaching classes as tools for contemplation and reflection. This course goes through each section of The Yoga Sutras and provides theme-related yoga practices. Participants will learn tools for incorporating the content into practice and teaching – both on and off of the yoga mat. 

This online course is presented in sections containing video lectures and practices focused on the history of The Yoga Sutras and their importance in yogic philosophy. Every video can be paused, replayed, and revisited as many times as you need. Accompanying this course is a downloadable handout to support your learning experience.

We are so grateful that you are joining us here and we hope you enjoy the course!

With gratitude,

Diane Malaspina and the Yoga Medicine Team

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