Sex, Gender, & Identity in Yoga Online Course

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Sex, Gender, & Identity in Yoga

How to understand sex, gender and identity and the intersections of these core facets within yoga and wellness spaces.

by Kirsten Beverley-Waters for Yoga Medicine®

Thank you for joining Sex, Gender, & Identity in Yoga, a course that creates a foundation for discussing major concepts that influence our history, understanding, and interconnectedness to sex, gender, and identities. This online course is presented in sections containing video lectures and guided yoga practices that serve to connect the theories presented in lecture with the asana/meditation-based practice. Every video can be paused, replayed, and revisited as many times as you need. Accompanying this course is a downloadable handout to support your learning experience.

We appreciate your interest in this course which examines how gender, as an object of study and as a lived experience, affects our yoga practice, our teaching methods, and our community reach.

We are so grateful that you are joining us here and we hope you enjoy the course!

With gratitude,

Kirsten Beverley-Waters and the Yoga Medicine Team


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