Spine Immersion – New Orleans 2020

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Welcome to the online quiz for the Spine Immersion. This is the final step to complete the training.

This online exam is pretty straightforward. There are 15 multiple choice questions and the quiz is open for 30 minutes. To pass you must correctly answer 11 or more questions for a score of 73% or higher. If you get less than 11 questions correct, then you may retake the quiz but we really encourage you to study up the first time around! 🙂

A few things to note:
  • This quiz will be available online until March 10, 2020. Please complete the quiz before then to ensure you receive full credit for the training.
  • After you pass your quiz, please click the “Click here to complete this course” button on the results page so this training is displayed as “complete” on your Yoga Medicine® membership account.
  • When you pass the quiz you will be prompted to download a certificate of completion. The name on the certificate is the name we received from this training’s registration. To double check how your name will be displayed, you can email Katie at info@yogamedicine.com if necessary. Please make any changes before the quiz so your name displays correctly on your certificate.
  • After the quiz you can review each question.
  • For teachers in our 500/1000-hour program, your passing scores will add 24-hour training credits to your profile. This update may take 24-48 hours, so thank you in advance for your patience.
  • If this is your first Yoga Medicine training and you have not already applied and been accepted into Yoga Medicine’s 500-hour program, then you are welcome to apply. Click here to read more about the 500-hour program and click here to apply.
  • This quiz is entirely optional. However, it is a good idea to take and pass the quiz because you’ll receive the certificate of completion. The certificate is handy for registering continuing education credit with your insurer or Yoga Alliance, and it is required if you are actively in or would like to join Yoga Medicine’s advanced teacher training programs.

If you have any questions, please email info@yogamedicine.com.

Thank you & good luck!

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