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Yoga for Hypermobility

How to safely teach hypermobile students in group classes and one-on-one settings.

by Jenni Tarma for Yoga Medicine®

Thank you for joining Yoga for Hypermobility, a course designed for yoga teachers to be able to pinpoint the characteristics of hypermobility, technically called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), and instruct these students in a safe manner that serves to mitigate symptoms, rather than exacerbate them. Throughout this course you will learn the common symptoms of EDS, their effects on physical wellbeing and mental health, and how to identify hypermobile tendencies in a student so you can make appropriate modifications for them in a group class or one-on-one setting.

This online course is presented in sections containing video lectures and guided yoga practices that serve to connect the theories presented in lecture with the asana-based practice. Every video can be paused, replayed, and revisited as many times as you need. Accompanying this course is a downloadable handout to support your learning experience.

We are so grateful that you are joining us here and we hope you enjoy the course!

With gratitude,

Jenni Tarma and the Yoga Medicine Team

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