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Yoga Medicine® Innovation Conference

Online Event

September 14-18, 2020


We are so excited to invite you to our first Yoga Medicine® Innovation Conference! This virtual conference will focus on innovative new techniques and research-informed approaches to yoga therapeutics, along with new adaptations of traditional practices for modern issues. Showcasing our experienced teachers and specialists (in healthcare, research and yoga), each presenter will share their research, experience and yoga techniques related to specific issues or demographics in their field of expertise.

We created this conference to bring a high level of expertise and knowledge in various fields to the yoga world from our experienced teachers, researchers, PhD’s and healthcare providers. Our purpose with this conference is to educate and inspire teachers around the globe with specialized therapeutic information they can use with their students right away.

Who is This Training For?

For those dedicated to a higher standard of learning looking to deepen their knowledge.

The Yoga Medicine® Innovation Conference is a 20-hour online offering open to yoga teachers, healthcare providers, therapeutic specialists, and dedicated students with a deep interest in yoga therapeutics. We believe that an experienced yoga teacher is a key component in our healthcare network and are committed to supporting that with top quality offerings.

Conference Structure & Schedule

The Innovation Conference will include a panel of 25+ Yoga Medicine® experts including medical doctors, researchers, PhD’s, physical therapists, collegiate D1 coaches, yoga specialists, and more. Presentations will be recorded as they take place from September 14-18 with the following schedule (all times are in PST) and wide range of topics:

Monday, September 14th

  • 9-11am Inclusivity Panel: Yoga as a Path for Social Justice: Understanding Perspectives and Initiating Tools for Action
          • 9-9:30am Nicole Calhoun, PhD: Confessions of A Black Yoga Teacher: An Examination, Discussion and Education on the Black Yoga Experience
          • 9:30-10am Kirsten Beverley-Waters: Unlearning the Binary Paradigm of Yoga: Creating Spaces for LGBTQ
          • 10-10:30am Charlotte Johnson: Fluency in Discomfort: Creating Critical Change in the Yoga Industry
          • 10:30-11am: Q&A and Discussion Panel
  • 3-4pm Diane Malaspina, M.S.Ed., PhD: Beyond Bouncing Back: Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) and Transformation as a Result of Crisis
  • 4-5pm Marnie Hartman, DTP: Pain Science Yoga Life: The Neuroscience of Pain and A Game of Darts
  • 5-6pm Sava Papos & Simone Berzen, BSc, MACP: Chronic Pain Science Meets Therapeutic Yoga: An Ongoing Study Looking at Movement as Medicine

Tuesday, September 15th

  • 9-10am Katja Bartsch, BSc, BCSI: The Thoracolumbar Fascia: A Research-Based Examination of Its Function and Implications in Low Back Pain
  • 10-10:30am MFR Movement Session with January Corteza: Embodied Movement: Using MFR to Explore Fascial/Visceral Connections
  • 10:30-11:30am Doreen Wiggins, MD, MHL, FACOG, FACS: New Research Implications for Cancer Survivorship as It Relates to Fascia, TCM and Yoga Modalities
  • 4-5pm Daya Grant, PhD, MS: Your Brain on Yoga: Insights from Neuroimaging
  • 5-6pm Valerie Knopik, PhD: The Gut Microbiome, Stress, and Mental Health: What Do We Know and Where Does Yoga Fit In?

Wednesday, September 16th

  • 9-10am Jenni Tarma: Comprehensive Capacity: A New Perspective on Working with Athletes
  • 10-11am Alysia Hendricks & Brie Galicinao, PhD: Considerations for Athlete Workload from the Perspective of Division 1 College Coaches
  • 4-5pm Alison Heilig: Practicing Durability: Supporting Resilience through Yoga
  • 5-5:30pm Movement Session with Kylie Rook: Somatics and Spirals
  • 5:30-6:30pm Elena Cheung: Peak Performance: Professional Skills for Working with Athletes

Thursday, September 17th

  • 9-10am Tiffany Cruikshank, L.AC, MAOM: Evidence-Based Awareness and Interoception: Is This the Crux of All Our Work as Teachers?!
  • 10-11am Monisha Bhanote, MD, FCAP: From Pain to Ease: An Integrative Approach to Fibromyalgia
  • 11am-12pm Cristina Kuhn: Ayurvedic Tools to Support MS
  • 4-5pm Kat Fowler: Energetic Hygiene as Self-Care for Teachers and Caregivers
  • 5-5:30pm Movement Session with Kylie Rook: Reflexive Guarding: Unlocking Chronic Tension
  • 5:30-6:30pm Yoga and Addiction Recovery Panel
          • 5:30-5:55pm Lara Ederer: Offering Yoga within Intensive Addiction Treatment Programs
          • 5:55-6:20pm Dana Diament: Yoga Specific Strategies to Support Addiction Recovery Programs
          • 6:20-6:30pm: Q&A

Friday, September 18th

  • 9-10am Alice Blunden: Positive Behavior Management for Kids Yoga
  • 10-10:30am Movement Session with Sandy Raper: Functional Yoga to Support Our Modern Needs
  • 10:30-11:30am Amy Satterfield: The Importance of Yoga and Complementary Modalities in Law Enforcement
  • 4-5pm Rachel Land & Mark Hunter, Dip RM & DIP BT: Research Findings: A Three-Part Approach to Improving Standing Balance in Older Adults
  • 5-6pm Melissa Oleson, DPT, CDNT, INHC: Strong Core and Pelvic Floor Rehab: Your Core Is More Than Your Abs

Lecture presentations will be 40-50 minutes followed by a 10-15 minute Q&A session where you can submit your questions for the presenters. To break up all the sitting, we’re also offering a few 30 minute movement sessions sprinkled throughout the conference. All of the sessions will be recorded live via Zoom and posted in the online portal, where you will have access to watch them for 45 days after the conference.

Innovation Conference attendees are eligible for 20 hours of online education toward our 500-hour/1000-hour Yoga Medicine® certifications. Directly following the conference you will be invited to take an online exam to receive your certificate of completion and training hours.


– Click here for the full schedule and program details –


Payment Information

  • Payment

    A full payment of $195 USD will secure your spot in the Yoga Medicine® Innovation Conference. Please return to the Pricing section to register.

  • Price Includes

    • -Enrollment in the live Yoga Medicine® Innovation Conference
    • -Access to the online portal and videos for 45 days after the conference
    • -20hrs of online study hours towards the 500HR/1000HR with Yoga Medicine®

Apply This Training Towards a 500-Hour Certification

If you are enrolled in Yoga Medicine®’s 500-hour or 1000-hour certification program, then this training counts towards your training hours with Yoga Medicine® as well as continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance. You do not need to be enrolled in our 500-hour/1000-hour program to participate. If you are interested to continue training with Yoga Medicine® to receive an advanced training certification with us, then you have the option to apply to our 500-hour program and this yoga teacher training’s hours will automatically apply towards your 500-hour certification process. If you would like to learn more about our 500-hour certification program click here. The link below will take you to the application for joining our program.

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