Liver Love

This practice focuses on supporting the liver. The liver plays an important role in filtering the blood and neutralizing & eliminating toxins, making it an important focal point for any detox or cleanse. The liver also supports the metabolism, breaks down & removes excess hormones and is an integral part of our immune & lymphatic systems. In Chinese medicine this is an important organ to support in times of high stress or when irritability, frustration or anger become predominant. A good one to come back to for detox, fatigue, stress, irritation, PMS, painful periods or digestive issues. The liver is such an important part of our ongoing health & wellness and an incredibly adaptable organ as it is able to regenerate after it has been damaged more than any other organ, sometimes it just needs a little love. We’ll use breath, compression, gentle twists, movement & circulation locally to stimulate this organ to do what it does best. No props needed but grab a block & a towel or blanket if you have them.

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