Love Will Carry You Through

There’s no better practice to keep you youthful than love, it keeps us young at heart, body & soul. Love is the ultimate energy & longevity support, it melts stress, dissipates tension and completely shifts our mental landscape. Dr Dean Ornish’s research also suggests that our social support (our love network) is a key indicator of cardiac outcomes, maybe even more so than diet (check out his book- Love & Survival). When we focus on love in a heart-centered practice we choose self-care, and the effect ripples out into our actions and our relationships as well. This practice uses a simple heart awareness practice throughout, with plenty of core, hips, shoulders, heart opening and a couple fun back bending options at the end for those less bendy backs as well. All you need for this one is a large towel or blanket and if you have a couple blocks grab those as well. If you don’t have blocks simply roll up a towel to use in its place.