Move to Soothe

This class is for the days you want to clear out stressful or anxious energy using repetitive movements to harness, direct and shift that energy. We’ll meet the intensity with movement to create the shift then direct it toward a calmer, more grounded state. You’ll have 4 rounds with 3 movements each, the first a quicker paced movement with kapalabhati breath, the second a slower movement with deep breath and the third a held pose with even count breathing. When we’re feeling stressed or anxious sometimes restorative practices can be the most challenging even though stillness is probably what the body & mind need most. So, this class ends with a guided savasana to soak up the nourishment of the stillness there. Stress & anxiety respond differently for each person, but I find this approach to be helpful for many people. If you find that’s true for you, you can have it on repeat anytime you need it. No props needed but if you like blocks in low lunge transitions you can grab 2 blocks.

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