3 Keys to an Impactful Meditation Practice Supported by Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science

Enrich your understanding of age-old mindfulness techniques and learn to create a powerful meditation practice backed by science in this FREE 30-minute LIVE seminar with Dr. Rashmi Bismark.

Ready for more? Master the subtle aspects of teaching Yin and Meditation, and deepen your own journey of self-inquiry during our Online Yin & Meditation Training!

In this advanced 55-hr online training, we’ll examine the latest research on fascia and its implications on passive stretching in a Yin yoga practice. You will learn how to use props and smart sequencing to teach safe, effective and therapeutic Yin practices — backed by science.

Additionally, we’ll look at Chinese Medicine and its application in Yin and meditation, using the meridians to support the energetic body. You will learn how to guide a meditation practice with poise and precision, as well as how to address common misconceptions and hindrances to empower your students’ experience.

Throughout this 55hr training, you will learn:

  • The science of stretching, its effects on fascia, and what the latest research suggests in terms of yoga applications

  • Fascia anatomy and function in a Yin practice

  • Joint mechanics as it relates to static stretching in Yin yoga

  • The myofascial chains and how they inform smart Yin sequencing

  • Chinese Medicine principles, Yin/Yang Theory, and using the meridians to support the energetic body

  • How to incorporate Yin into group classes vs. private sessions

  • The essentials of teaching both guided and unguided meditation, including how and when to incorporate variations such as still vs. moving, focused attention vs. open monitoring, and more

  • The effects of meditation on the brain, ways to increase neuroplasticity, and transformative learning through mindfulness

  • Obstacles in the meditation practice and how to address them

  • Individualizing private sessions to support uniqueness