How to Skillfully Incorporate Myofascial Release Within A Yoga Setting

Discover the science behind myofascial release and why it’s the perfect complement to a yoga practice, plus how to effectively apply MFR techniques when working with pain, injuries, and more!.

Ready for more? Learn how to incorporate MFR techniques into a yoga practice to maximize therapeutic outcomes in our 55hr Myofascial Release Training!

May 13th – August 22nd, 2024

Myofascial Release has been making major waves in the movement world for the last decade… and with good reason!

If you’ve experienced MFR firsthand, then you’re well-aware of its transformative power to reduce pain, shift patterns of dysfunction, and reinvigorate fascial issue.

Its benefits have the capacity to speed up injury recovery, eliminate movement restrictions, and even offer long-lasting relief from stiffness and chronic pain!

Because MFR works to literally reshape the fabric of fascial fibers, it’s also the perfect complement to a yoga practice.

Throughout this 55hr training, you will learn:

  • The science and research behind fascia structure, function and dysfunction, including the role of fascial lines in postural and movement health

  • Myofascial release techniques to promote optimal tissue health and function (and contraindications)

  • Trigger points and specialized protocols for every part of the body

  • How to use modifications and props to tailor techniques to the individual

  • The effective application of myofascial release within a yoga setting to support injuries, pain, athletic recovery, performance enhancement, and freedom from movement restrictions

  • and so much more!