and Yoga: simple techniques to regulate pain

Learn how to restore the mobility of your nerves to improve pain, regulate inflammation and enhance body-wide communication using simple yoga techniques rooted in the foundation of neuroscience.

Unlock the Therapeutic Potential of your Yoga Practice – Enroll in the 55hr Nervous System and Restorative Yoga Training!

In our #1 most enrolled-in online training ever, you will learn the subtleties of the nervous system in order to efficiently and effectively regulate it through restorative yoga and similar modalities.

Taught by founder Tiffany Cruikshank, Amy Sedgwick MD, and Eding Mvilongo MD, you will walk away feeling confident in the western anatomy and physiology of the nervous system and everything you need to know to create an impactful, therapeutic restorative practices.

Throughout this 55hr training, you will learn:

  • CNS & Regions of the Brain & Cranial Nerves

  • Spinal Cord, Spinal Nerves & PNS

  • Brainstem & Breath

  • Heart Rate Variability, Limbic System & Cerebellum

  • Sensory & Motor Systems, Motor Processing

  • ANS & Neurotransmitters

  • Neuroimmunology, Neurodynamics & Pain

  • Nerve Flossing Techniques

  • Common Neurologic Problems/Diseases and Applications

  • Putting It All Together in a Yoga Context

  • Restorative Yoga & Stress Processing

  • Restorative Yoga Implications in Trauma & Stress/p>

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Applications to Restorative Yoga

  • Why & When to Use Restorative Yoga

  • Cautions with Restorative Yoga

  • Detailed Understanding of each Pose, it’s Purpose, & Props Used

  • Sequencing

  • Everything you need to know to create an impactful, therapeutic restorative practice