How to tap into your most underrated, yet most impactful areas of strength!

Learn how to strengthen the commonly underestimated muscles of the upper body to increase longevity and re-train your nervous system to recruit these areas for long-term resilience in this FREE 30-minute seminar with Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist Rachel Land.

Ready for more? Learn the deeper anatomy and biomechanics of the shoulder joint plus how to apply it in a yoga setting during our 55hr Shoulder Yoga Teacher Training!

Many yoga practitioners seek out yoga for shoulder pain, injuries, and other ailments. If you’re a teacher dedicated to a higher standard of learning and looking to develop an extensive understanding of the shoulder joint that you can immediately apply to both your teaching and personal practice, this training is for you!

Gain the tools to work with common injuries and dysfunction of the shoulder, as well as the knowledge to create individualized yoga practices that support durability and resilience in this area!

Throughout this 55hr training, you will learn:

  • How to work with shoulder pain, injuries, and other ailments

  • Shoulder structure and function

  • Shoulder anatomy, biomechanics, and movement essentials

  • Yoga applications and therapeutics

  • Prevention, durability, and resistance training

  • and so much more!