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Why work with a Yoga Medicine trained teacher?

Yoga Medicine is a community of teachers with an expertise in understanding anatomy & physiology as well as the traditional practice of yoga. We are passionate about setting the highest standard for exceptional knowledge and ongoing teacher education. Put simply, we want the best teachers guiding you (or your students) on your journey to optimal health.

Whether you are a health practitioner seeking a multi-faceted approach for your students, or an individual looking for help with injuries or illness or you’re looking to optimize your health, the benefits of working one-on-one with a Yoga Medicine trained teacher are immense. Our teachers have been trained (and continue to train) to the highest levels within the yoga industry, which simply put means you get the highest quality in your yoga teacher. Our teachers understand the body, it’s functions, common injuries & illnesses and how to apply yoga to the individual for a more powerful therapeutic outcome.

How to connect with a Yoga Medicine trained teacher near you.

Use our search tool below to find the closest teachers to your location by country and zip (or post) code. We give you full transparency on our site to exactly what our teachers have studied and completed with us so you can review the number and type of teacher trainings that any teacher has completed with Yoga Medicine, reassuring you that the selected teacher has the knowledge and skill to support you. For example, if you have a shoulder injury you can look for a teacher near you that has completed our shoulder module.

We’re currently working on updating all of our teacher’s profiles to create a more robust directory for you to search from. If you are a Yoga Medicine trained teacher and would like to update your profile, please contact us.

About Our Certification Levels

200 Hour Teachers

Our 200hr teachers have a strong foundation in the essentials of teaching. At the 200hr level teachers are trained to deliver a strong well-rounded group class interweaving the physical & philosophical components throughout. These teachers are trained to be able to modify for a variety of levels and to lead a class that educates & inspires.

500 Hour Teachers

At the 500hr level teachers have a strong grasp of anatomy & physiology and the eastern energetics of the practice and the ability to use them together to deepen the therapeutic effects. These teachers have the ability to work one on one with their students to personalize the practice to suit the needs of the student on a more therapeutic level and are able to work with your healthcare provider to enhance your medical care.

1000 Hour Teachers

Our 1000hr master teachers have a thorough & in-depth knowledge of both western anatomy & physiology and the eastern energetics & philosophy as it applies to the practice of yoga. These teachers are trained to understand the body and work synergistically with other healthcare practitioners to help provide an effective, well-rounded treatment plan to suit the needs of the student.

Share Your Story

“Just shifting your ability to approach your yoga practice as a form of medicine can be really powerful.” Tiffany Cruikshank

So many of our students and teachers have experienced transformational benefits as a direct result of Yoga Medicine. We are always grateful to hear from those in the Yoga Medicine community and nothing brings us greater joy than sharing these wonderful stories. We hope you relish reading them too.

We welcome you to share your experience with us, so that we as a community may learn from and be inspired by your journey also. All shifts, whether they be major or minor, or though other yoga practices are significant to your body and we’d love to celebrate that progress with you.

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