Are you ready to decode anxiety and fear?

By understanding the interplay of conditioning, arousal, and the brain, you can leverage positive learning experiences to alleviate an anxious response within your students!

Did you know there are biological contributions that may predispose us to anxiety?

In this FREE seminar with Yoga Medicine® Teacher, Therapeutic Specialist & Applied Psychologist Diane Malaspina, you’ll look through the lens of arousal and brain circuitry to understand how experiences and learning can both heighten and alleviate the anxious response, and transformational ways yoga can help. You’ll learn:

  • The core differences between anxiety and fear
  • How clinical anxiety is defined, and the psychological and physical symptoms one experiences
  • The biological contributions to an anxious response (brain circuits and arousal) plus the environmental contributions (learning, adverse experience)
  • Key applications of yoga to alleviate anxiety, plus sensitivity tips for teachers to better navigate triggers within their students

And more!

What Students Are Saying About The Yoga Medicine Seminars

These seminars galvanized what I already knew about the quality of your training, and once I complete my 200 hrs, I am psyched to work toward completing your 500 hr YTT!

Amy Lee Mayor

Thank you so much for this, I have so much respect for all the knowledge you share!

Catherine Grusovnik / CPT CHC

I have just had a bit of time to watch and OMG I loved this seminar. I loved your Functional Anatomy course and your Myofascial Release Training which I use all the time with my students and self. Thank you!

Catherine Aldrete-Morris

Meet Diane Malaspina

M.S.Ed., PhD, E-RYT 500+

Diane is a psychologist and yoga teacher with over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness field. Her teaching and practice are a creative blend of slowing down and balancing the nervous system paired with stabilizing yoga postures to support sustainability in life and the yoga practice.

Diane delivers cutting edge wisdom with user-friendly approaches honed in her rich hands on experiences as an applied psychologist, university educator and veteran yoga teacher. She blends neurobiology and psychological science with yoga and mindfulness practices that empowers individuals, families and organizations to heal, cope with stress, and transcend struggles to orient toward growth and possibility.

Diane also teaches meditation workshops, leads retreats, and offers 200- and 300-hour yoga teacher training programs in her community.

Education. Experience. Results.

Raise the bar for yourself and your students. Sign up for the FREE 40-minute on-demand seminar and learn how to compassionately support students to manage anxiety in the classroom and beyond, PLUS get access to a recorded Q&A with Diane!