What is the power of proprioception, and why should we learn about it as yoga teachers?

The short answer: proprioception provides us with valuable information that lets us perceive the location, movement, and action of our body parts, so understanding how to improve it can dramatically shift how we approach our practice.

In this FREE 30-minute seminar with Yoga Medicine Teacher Amy Sedgwick, MD, we’ll look at:

  • The science behind proprioception

  • An examination of the Dorsal Medial Lemniscal Pathway, one of the pathways of the central nervous system by which sensory information from the peripheral nerves is transmitted to the brain.

  • How the Dorsal Medial Lemniscal Pathway conveys sensations of fine touch, vibration, two-point discrimination, and proprioception from the skin and joints. 

  • How to activate the proprioceptive senses related to this pathway, thereby increasing proprioceptive feedback! 

  • In addition to lecture, there will also be a short practice to bring the information to life.


What Students Are Saying About The Yoga Medicine Seminars

These seminars galvanized what I already knew about the quality of your training, and once I complete my 200 hrs, I am psyched to work toward completing your 500 hr YTT!

Amy Lee Mayor

Thank you so much for this, I have so much respect for all the knowledge you share!

Catherine Grusovnik / CPT CHC

I have just had a bit of time to watch and OMG I loved this seminar. I loved your Functional Anatomy course and your Myofascial Release Training which I use all the time with my students and self. Thank you!

Catherine Aldrete-Morris

Meet Amy Sedgwick


Amy lives in Maine where she practices emergency medicine and medical acupuncture at Intermed, P.A., seeing patients of all ages and backgrounds. She also teaches yoga and meditation in the greater Portland area. In 2014, Amy founded the Riverbend Yoga and Meditation Studio in Yarmouth with the intention to help people in her community achieve holistic health from within. In 2018, she sold the studio but continues to teach there, offering classes and workshops on yoga and mindfulness at studios and medical institutions in the area. Amy also works extensively with private yoga clients, many of whom have complicated medical issues.

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